Chocolate selection boxes cost £1 more than they are worth

Chocolate selection boxes

Cadbury's we're looking at you...

Some of our favourite Christmas chocolate selection boxes can cost £1 more than they are worth, an investigation by The Sun has found.

Cadbury's selection boxes were the main subject of the investigation.

It was discovered that although popular Cadbury boxes generally contain five or six chocolate bars, the bars are much smaller than full size ones, so are worth much less than their retail price.

It was revealed last week that Cadbury's £50 Ultimate Selection Box shockingly contained only £25 worth of chocolate.

And now it has been found that the Cadbury's Stocking Selection Box which costs £3 is actually worth only £1.88.

Chocolate selection boxes


The Stocking selection boxes have 5 different types of Cadbury's chocolate bar inside: Wispa, Crunchie, Double Decker, Twirl, Dairy Milk and Dairy Milk Oreo.

All but one of the chocolate bars inside, however, are much smaller versions than an actual full size bar, and can be bought in multipacks for only 23-25p each, despite the box being sold for £3.

The Dairy Milk Oreo is the only bar inside the Cadbury's Stocking Selection Box that is full size.

The investigation found that the Cadbury's Medium Selection Box and its Small Selection Box are also being sold for more than the actual value of the chocolate inside.

The difference in price, however, for these boxes was much less than that of the Stocking Selection Box, with it being 18p more for the medium box and 9p for the small box.

Cadbury's have said that the reason for the chocolate selection boxes costing more than purchasing the bars individually is due to the extra packaging.

A spokesperson for Cadbury has said: 'The smaller production run and increased packaging costs to withhold the considerable weight of the combined products has meant higher manufacturing costs, this is reflected in the price.'

Consumer expert Martin Isak has advised conscientious shoppers to check the price of the selection box per 100g of chocolate.


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