Cheaper versions of the most popular kitchen gadgets – revealed!

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  • We’ve rounded up the cheaper versions of some of the most popular kitchen gadgets over the past year including the famous vegetable spiralizer, the NutriBullet and that jaw-dropping frying pan Tom Daley posted on Instagram a while back.

    We all love a gadget in our kitchen, especially when they look great but were bought at a bargain price (who really needs to know?).

    So if you’re looking to add to your collection of kitchen gadgets without breaking the bank you’ve come to right place! We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for new gadgets that work just as well as their more expensive competitors and we’ll keeping you posted right here, so WATCH THIS SPACE.

    But for now, here are some of the bargains we’ve already got our eye on, including a Lidl mixer that works just as well as the NutriBullet but is half the price and the answer to all your spiralizing prayers. Enjoy…

    Lidl’s Nutrition mixer, £29.99

    It’s just like… NutriBullet (£79.99) but £50 cheaper!

    Ok, so all of your friends have the latest health craze – the NutriBullet. They’ve been going on and on about how you should buy one but to be honest, you’ve got more important things to be spending £80 on. Well, we might have found the answer. Say hello to the Nutrition Mixer by Lidl. Priced at only £29.99 this mixer does pretty much exactly what the NutriBullet does. It can blend fruit, veggies, make soup and granola and is easy to clean too. It may be a bit louder and take a bit more time than the supersonic NutriBullet but it does the job.

    Breville’s Pick and Mix stand mixer, £52.50

    It’s just like… KitchenAid stand mixer (£359) but £306.50 cheaper!

    You’ve been dreaming of owning a KitchenAid since watching the Bake Off and now after years and years of wanting you’re slowly starting to cave into the jaw-dropping price tag. STOP. How about an option that’s over £300 cheaper? This Breville stand mixer does exactly what you need it to do. With a variety of different speeds, rotating bowl, easy to clean whisks and other attachables too (like a bread hook!) you can’t go wrong. This beauty comes in blue and a variety of other colours too.

    Tesco’s VonShef jug soup mixer, £39.99

    It’s just like… Morphy Richards Soup mixer (£50) but £10.01 cheaper!

    Making soup at home is so much healthier for you, but it can be much more expensive too! VonShef to the rescue. Just like it’s £50 idol, the Morphy Richards Soup mixer, this maker can whip up chunky or smooth soup, has a 1.6 litre capacity, an overflow alert and an anti-dry function. And it’s not just soup you can whip up in this handheld gadget. Try milkshakes, slushies, cocktails and more.

    SharpPeel’s Julienne peeler, £3.55

    It’s just like… Lakeland’s Vegetable spiralizer (£34.99) but £31.44 cheaper!

    The spiralizer. It was all anyone in the foodie world ever talked about when it first popped into the media and now we’re wondering what all the fuss was about? This robotic machine grates carrots, courgette, cucumber and so on into strands that can then be made into healthy, child-friendly meals. If you want to get the same effect at £31.44 cheaper we’d recommend this little number. The Julienne peeler can grate pretty much any veg into strands so you can make all sorts into courgetti (courgette spaghetti!) plus it’s much easier to store!

    Lidl’s Silvercrest Espresso machine, £49.99

    It’s just like… Nespresso machine (£149.99) but £100 cheaper!

    Who needs an Nespresso machine when you can have this Lidl version at £100 less? You can make large cappuccinos as well as smaller espressos, plus it will look great on your worktop – and more expensive than it is. Available in red, cream and black and in store while stocks last, so hurry! We’ve definitely got this beauty on our wishlist.

    Tesco’s SMART breakfast maker, £50.99

    It’s just like… Lakeland’s Master frying pan (£59.99) but £9 cheaper!

    Ok, so not that much difference in price but it is a good buy! This mini SMART breakfast maker comes with egg cooker, light fry tray, grill and toaster. It’s much easier to store than the Master frying pan and will look good on your kitchen work top. It’s a quick and easy way to have your favourite Sunday morning fry up without too much washing up!

    Do you have a kitchen gadget that you bought at bargain price? Does it look just as good as the real deal or work just as well? Comment below and we can add it to our collection!