Costa is selling all iced coffees for 50p this week

Costa Coffee logo is seen on September 2, 2020 in Warsaw, Poland.
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Costa is selling all iced drinks for just 50p this week!

To commemorate its 50th anniversary, the coffee company announced that from Tuesday to Thursday, a variety of iced drinks would be available for 50p each.

This week's exciting deal is open to those who register and claim the offer via the Costa Coffee Club app - providing iced coffee (opens in new tab) and teas from 11th to 13th May.

A Costa spokesperson said, "Whether you are meeting a friend in the park for a coffee and a catch-up, or just want to pick up a handcrafted Iced-Latte, Costa Coffee has you covered!"

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So, if an iced latte sounds tempting, why not visit your nearest Costa and take advantage of the offer?

The coffee chain really does have everything on offer aside from blended drinks like the Fruit Cooler and Frostino variety, but all other cold drinks are really just 50p!

Costa fans were thrilled to hear the news that iced drinks will cost them less than a pound this week.

Costa iced coffee

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One Tweeted, 'Oh nice! Im feeling an iced mocha in my near future.'

'Iced latte yum,' penned another, while a third tagged their pal and wrote, '50p peach ice tea date this week then!'

The generous offer comes after Costa offered all hot drinks for 50p (opens in new tab) each during a similar promotion in April - but with warmer weather (hopefully) around the corner, iced alternatives to your favourite coffees are part of Costa's epic deal.

Costa opened its outdoor seating areas in England a month ago, following changes to Boris Johnson's roadmap out of lockdown (opens in new tab), allowing people to meet outside (opens in new tab).

And there's good news if you're not one for outdoor dining, as restaurants and pubs are set to open their doors to welcome customers inside (opens in new tab) from May 17th.

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