14 foods you'll only know if you're on the Weight Watchers diet

Rice cake, anyone?

If you're on the Weight Watchers diet and you've started to notice that it's taking over your kitchen cupboards and shopping lists, you're not the only one!

Your Weight Watchers journey started with summer salads and enthusiasm. Now you're stocked up on fat-free yogurt and your freezer is piled high with loaves of whole wheat bread.

From jelly pots to rice cakes, from cottage cheese to popcorn - this collection of foods are going to sound all too familiar.

Scroll down to see all the foods you'll only fully appreciate if you're on the Weight Watchers diet...

1. Shredded Wheat

Two points for a small bowl? Keep them coming!

2. Pasta sauce

Your partner says the kitchen shelves won't be able to handle any more jars – challenge accepted!

3. Popcorn

A trip to the cinema just became interesting. We'll take a large please!

4. Oatmeal

It tastes like cardboard but at least it's healthy, right?

5. Bacon

You've never looked so possessed throwing packs of bacon into your trolley. It's like an episode of Supermarket Sweep and you're definitely winning.

6. Cottage cheese

One point for a cup of cottage cheese? This couldn't be easier!

7. Jelly pots

You can never have enough jelly in your fridge. You've even gone as far as hiding them on the top shelf at the back so the kids stay clear. It's necessary!

8. Quark

You'll stir it through anything. Absolutely anything...

9. Brown rice

Say goodbye to white rice, it's brown rice all the way. You even get a mini workout when it comes to shopping for it. Who needs dumbbells?

10. Fat-free yogurt

Anything with fat-free on the label is good in your books.

11. Whole wheat bread

If it's brown and has seeds it's acceptable. If it's a Weight Watchers own brand, it's even better. You're great at this!

12. Dates

While the kids enjoy their after school treat you're stuck sucking on a pack of dates. They might look odd but at least they taste good!

13. Rice cakes

Don't be deceived by the word 'cake'. They're far from it! In fact, they're pretty much cardboard but that's ok - they keep the pounds at bay. That cottage cheese has got to top something!

14. Smoked salmon

Your freezer looks like the fish counter in your local Morrisons. It is only one point after all!

Did we miss one? Comment below telling us your favourite go-to food on the Weight Watchers diet!

Jessica Dady
Jessica Dady

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