Great British Bake Off: The eleven best bits of this year so far

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  • From Terry's facial hair to Karen's beret, what's been your favourite Bake Off moment so far?!

    We’re nearing the end of this year’s Great British Bake Off series, and so far we’ve had quite a few moments that made us weep and cry with laughter.

    We’ve already mourned the loss of a few favourites like Antony, Terry and Imelda and their wonderful baked goods – but what have been our best bits?!

    From Karen’s beret to a generous selection of Hollywood Handshakes, here’s our eleven favourite moments of 2018!

    1. Kim-Joy’s tears turn to triumph as she wins semi-final place

    Hearts across the nation broke as Kim-Joy’s baking ambitions fell flat during Danish week. But despite her Kagekone creation receiving fierce criticism from judges, Kim-Joy would not be beaten. With the support of fellow contestant Briony and host Sandi, she held her head up high, fought back tears, and emerged the victor after being announced as a semi-finalist.

    2. Rahul wins star baker… twice

    Possibly the purest and most precious baker to ever knead the dough of the Bake Off contest, Rahul winning star baker for the second week in a row is already a series highlight.

    3. And Karen rocks a beret…

    For all those missing the Berry (Mary Berry, of course), there’s a new, French version in town – Karen Beret. Viewers had flocked to social media in order to praise Karen on her colour coordinated outfit during the latest Bake Off episode.

    After all, just because you’re elbow deep in dough doesn’t mean you can’t look good at the same time!

    4. The first Hollywood Handshake is dished out…

    Week two say the first Hollywood Handshake, as Paul gave Rahul the first ever Hollywood Handshake for a showstopper, and then gave Ruby got the second!

    It’s fair to say cake week was an all round success.

    5. And Noel is awarded the style icon title that he truly deserves…

    It would appear that the British public is finally warming up to Noel’s eccentric style.

    And how could they not, just look at him!

    6.  A very special guest…

    Rahul made great use of the GBBO facilities, enjoying the perks of baking in a tent in the great outdoors.

    Lets hope next week’s challenge doesn’t involve cooking up a pheasant!

    7. And Noel and Sandi remain the most wholesome presenting duo…

    Worlds most unlikely friendship? Possibly. But does it work? Absolutely.

    8. Kim Joy’s Purrrrr-fect show stopper…

    Kim Joy blew viewers away after creating an Orange, Cinnamon and Cranberry ‘Kit-ovai’.

    9. And the nation divided over mint sauce gate…

    Karen reveals her ingenious (if a little unappetising) trick for dyeing bread without any matcha powder.

    10. Terry’s facial hair…

    Has a nation ever been so united by a love of somebody’s facial hair before? Definitely not, but he sure does know how to grow a great set of whiskers!

    Plus, there was also the moment he made us collectively sob when he opened up about how the show helped him cope with his wife’s death

    11. And the very best bit…

    It’s been just as stressful and life consuming as ever. But will we tune in next week? Absolutely.

    Let us know your favourite bits of the brand new Bake Off series on our Facebook page!

    Words by Alice-Rose Perry

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