13 gruesome cakes you’ll definitely NOT want to eat

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  • Whether it’s for Halloween, baby showers, weddings or just for the sake of it, some people have been getting their cake inspiration from where you’d least expect it. We’re sure they’re still delicious but would you ever eat a slice of a very realistic cockroach cake?

    Here are 13 of the most gruesome cakes that probably wouldn’t make it anywhere near your plate, no matter how much of a sweet tooth you are!

    1. Suddenly a cute newborn baby cake isn’t such a good idea

     Image: Gif Bin

    What are you doing? PUT THAT KNIFE DOWN!

    2. An ACTUAL C-section cake

    Image: Brown Butter Bakery
    Well, it’s certainly different from a ‘It’s a Boy/Girl!’ cake…

     3. In fact, maybe steer clear of childbirth themed cakes altogether

     Image: Tumblr/Bototos

    Good use of strawberries though.

    4. The lamb cake that gets creepier by the slice

    Image: Dessert Girl

    It’s like Bambi’s mum all over again.

    5. Snake cake anyone?

     Image: North Star Cakes

    Is it actually a cake? We’re not putting it in our mouths, just in case.

    6. Taking zombie invasions to a whole other level 

     Image: Instructables/AudreyV1

    How gory does this zombie cake look? Definitely one for Walking Dead fans.

    7. If you want to end the kids’ minions obsession… for good!

    Image: Flickr/Ayca Wilson


    8. That looks like an eventful wedding day

     Image: Sarah Jones

    If the hair is made of chocolate, count us in for a bite. But no blood, please.

    9. Why stop at a bleeding heart when you can bake the entire thoracic cavity

    Image: Make/Barbara Jo

    Where would you even start to eat it?

    10. Cockroaches are definitely not cake worthy animals

    Image: Fish Lee

    Malasyan baker Fish made this cockroach cake to scare a friend on her birthday and we can’t say we’re surprised it worked! Dark chocolate and mint fondant icing never looked this unappetizing.

    11. That’s a very bloody brain

    Image: Instructables/Kiffakitty

    Ewwww! This brain cake looks so realistic we’re not sure we can trick our brains into thinking it’s a sweet treat. Our kids on the other hand…

    12. Feeding off the beast

    Image: Totally Sugar

    This impressive custom cake made by Jacqui Kelly of Totally Sugar was created in marzipan and white chocolate modelling paste. but we’re not sure if even the biggest chocolate fans would dare have a bite of that angry face.

    13. Fudge will never be the same

    Image: Instructables/rsmaudsley

    This cat litter box fudge cake could affect your love for chocolate fudge. Proceed with caution.


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