Japanese Katsu Curry Pringles exist and they have less cals than many regular Pringles flavours

The rice infusion range means more protein, less fat and a more intense flavour!

Pringles Rice Fusion Japanese Katsu Curry might just become you’re new favourite crisp as they are full of flavour but less cals than regular Pringles…

Famously, once you pop a can of Pringles open it’s hard to stop snacking until the tube is empty…

So if you count yourself among the thousands of people that can’t get enough of the saddle-shaped crisp, but feel like you need a lower cal alternative, we’ve got a solution.

The rice infusion range from Pringles boasts a more intense flavour with fewer calories, lower fat and more protein.

Plus, the latest flavour to join the range is Japanese Katsu Curry, which is ideal for fixing your craving for curry in a hurry.

Available from all major supermarkets for £1.99 per 160g tube, the Katsu Curry flavour sits alongside Japanese BBQ Teriyaki, Indian Tandoori Chicken Masala and Peking Duck with Hoisin Sauce.

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Speaking about the new flavour, a Pringles spokesperson explained, “We know Katsu Curry is a favourite amongst many and so to be able to grab the delicious taste in your favourite snack is quite a treat.

"We’re excited to be bringing a taste of Japan straight to the UK with this delicious new addition to the Rice Fusions range.”

Per 30g portion the rice fusion Japanese Katsu Curry Pringles come in 152cals, 8.1g fat and 1.4g protein whereas Pringles Original are 154cals, 9.9g fat and 1.2g protein.

Pringles katsu curry

Credit: Slimming World 

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The difference may only be marginal but saving a few calories here and there can make a big difference, especially if you don’t want to cut your snacking completely.

What’s your favourite Pringles flavour? What flavour would you like to see them create?

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