Kellogg’s launch cereal including vegetables for the first time ever

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  • Cereal has always been a go-to breakfast for families.

    As a child, coming down to a kitchen cupboard full of cereal options was one of the most fun parts of the morning.

    A filling morning bowl of porridge, Weetabix or Special K on a school day or a treat breakfast of Coco Pops, Sugar Puffs (now Honey Monster Puffs) or Golden Nuggets on the weekends. There were always so many options to choose from.

    But as adults, a lot of us like to try and include some fruit and vegetables where we can – hence the rise of the avocado toast breakfast.

    So now one cereal brand has launched a new brekkie option that will get some more fruit and veg into our tummies with the odd addition to their new offering.

    But we can’t promise it’ll help towards your five-a-day.

    For the first time in the company’s 113-year history, cereal giant Kellogg’s has released a mix that includes vegetables.

    kellogg's carrot granola

    Credit: Kellogg’s

    Their new no added sugar granola will blend sweet and savoury flavours with its Raspberry, Apple and Carrot flavour.

    ‘Creating a granola with a vegetable was a balancing act,’ said Sarah Bulfield, Cereal inventor for Kellogg’s UK and Ireland.

    ‘All sensory aspects had to be taken into consideration; texture, colour and most importantly flavour,’ she continued. ‘The sweetness from the apple and the sharpness of the raspberry is all balanced with the earthiness and subtle sweet notes of the carrot pieces.’

    ‘We have spent the last 12 months developing and growing our W.K. Kellogg no added sugar range,’ added Sarah.

    ‘Invented in our Manchester food tech labs, the exciting move to explore vegetable recipes has allowed us to do what we do best – create a new cereal that will shake up breakfast time.’

    You can get the new granola in major supermarkets around the country for £3.79 a box.

    But while it may do the same job as your afternoon carrot cake by providing an extra bite or two of veg, we can’t guarantee it’ll give you enough of the good stuff to help you see in the dark.

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