Kit-Kat and Krispy Kreme have teamed up to create TWO new doughnuts

Krispy Kreme
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Choosing the right break time indulgence can be difficult. Do you want a biscuit, or do you want a doughnut?

Thanks to Kit-Kat and Krispy Kreme, you can now have both.

Krispy Kreme and Kit-Kat both teased the new release on their Twitter accounts, with the popular doughnut company writing: ‘Having a break with our friends at@KITKAT … #BRB.’

The tweet was accompanied by a fake email exchange, where the two companies agreed to go out of office together to ‘have a break’.

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Kit-Kat chose to emboss the Krispy Kreme logo on their classic chocolate bar, with a caption that featured a variety of doughnut based puns like: ‘3pm slump? Eyes glazed over? Get ready for a hole new break….’

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And the result of this collaboration will be tough to resist, as shoppers will be able to enjoy two different doughnut flavours. You can choose from a milk or white chocolate glaze, with the same flavour Kit-Kat on top. Delicious!

For an extra bit of indulgence, both doughnuts have a wafer crumble topping to give your break time snack a bit more crunch.

Krispy Kreme

Credit: Krispy Kreme

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Now, for the important bit: when can you buy this hybrid treat? They’ll be in-stores from Monday 26th August, which just so happens to be when August Bank Holiday falls. They’ll be available until 13th October.

But, if you want to try the new doughnuts before anyone else, Krispy Kreme are offering free ones to the first twelve drivers in the drive-thru queue on Sunday 25th August, in the form of a dozen box.

There’s a catch though – you’ll need to be there at midnight if you want to claim your box! At least you get a lie-in the day after.

The free ones are only available at Bristol, Edinburgh, Enfield, Gateshead, Leeds, Manchester, Peterborough, Shannon Corner too. So if you're nearby, it's worth staying awake for!

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