B&M is selling Lindt White Chocolate Snowdrops and we are drooling

Lindt chocolate

Christmas indulgence is never quite complete without chocolate

After tucking into the Christmas turkey followed by a decadent cheese board, we somehow always seem to find room for some of the sweet stuff - and Lindt is a go-to festive choc for thousands of Brits.

So it's no surprise chocoholics are raving over the latest stock of the sweetie aisle at B&M.

The bargain mega-store is currently selling Lindt Chocolate Snowdrops and they'll take you straight to heaven if you're a white chocolate lover.

The winter-themed treats combine the drool-worthy creaminess of a Lindt chocolate truffle with the sweet delight of white chocolate.

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They come in adorable bags featuring a festive snow scene and a super cute snowman and are described as 'milk chocolate with a creamy white filling'.

Foodie Instagram account Kevs Snack Reviews posted a snap of them on the shelves in B&M and, of course, the comments quickly filled with followers desperate to get their hands on some.

'Oh goodness,' wrote one commenter, tagging her friends.

'Just gets better and better,' added another loyal Lindt lover.

'Really wanna try these 😍,' a third chipped in.

If the classic Lindt Lindor truffles are your favourite, you can currently buy a huge, 1KG bag of them with 80 chocolate balls inside.

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles 1KG Bag

Lindt chocolate truffles 1kg

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The epic Lindt pouches are available to order from Amazon and cost £21.

If you're feeding lots of hungry, sweet-toothed mouths this Christmas or want to give a Lindt lover a stocking filler they'll never forget, this is a fantastic gift purchase.

The Lindt Master Chocolatiers combine expertise and the finest ingredients to produce the perfectly round chocolate shell with an irresistibly smooth melting filling that we all know and love.

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