Aldi has the cheapest Christmas turkey 2023 - and it's selling fast

The budget supermarket chain is helping customers feed the family for less this Christmas.

Aldi selling cheapest Christmas turkey
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Aldi is selling the cheapest Christmas turkey for 2023 - and it's selling fast as it feeds a family of six for just £1.25 each.

When it comes to choosing the perfect meat for Christmas dinner it can be overwhelming but it's not always the cheapest supermarket that has the best-priced festive bird.

And despite turkey not being the Christmas food item that's loved the most, many people will be searching for the best turkey as Christmas draws near. Sadly, because of the increased demand during the festive period, turkeys can also be extremely expensive. But that doesn’t mean that you and your loved ones can’t enjoy a delicious and affordable turkey this year.

Aldi is appealing to families who are looking to save money this Christmas as food prices continue to rise, as it is reportedly selling the cheapest Christmas turkey.

Whether it's frozen, fresh, luxury Christmas turkeys or a turkey crown, Aldi has it covered, with its fresh turkeys arriving in-store and online via click-and-collect from 19th December.

The Ashfields British Small Fresh Whole Turkey is available for just £7.50 (£3.75 per kg), while medium turkeys are available from £2.96 per kg and large turkeys from £2.78.

Aldi has the cheapest Christmas turkey 2023

Every year, there seems to be a degree of healthy competition between the major supermarkets over which is offering the cheapest turkey ready for the big day. 

And even if you're not great at cooking, you can prepare it like this Gordon Ramsay roast turkey or follow this fabulous fruity stuffing recipe and if it's your first time hosting Christmas, you can't go wrong with this how to cook a turkey guide.

Now we might just have solved the matter of the cheapest turkey in 2023! According to the low-cost supermarket itself, Aldi is reportedly selling the UK’s cheapest fresh British whole turkey this Christmas for as little as £3.75 per kg.

The supermarket’s golden whole turkeys are Red Tractor certified and promise to be "packed full of flavour", making them the perfect Christmas dinner centrepiece.

Aldi’s fresh turkeys which are packed with flavour and skin that turns a crispy golden brown, are available in a range of sizes and prices to suit all; Small (2kg – 4.49kg, serves 6-11), Medium (4.5kg – 5.99kg, serves 11-14), and Large (6kg – 8kg, serves 15-18). This means shoppers can pick up a small turkey for just £7.50 (2kg).

Meanwhile, a frozen turkey or turkey crown can help you keep more fridge space free for the best Christmas and Aldi is also the cheapest supermarket for frozen turkeys, with those looking to pick up a frozen turkey able to do so for just £2.78 per kg for a Large British Turkey Whole Bird which works out as little as £1.33* per head! While Aldi’s Medium British Turkey Whole Bird is just £2.96 per kg. Available in stores now.

Aldi’s frozen turkeys are available now and fresh turkeys are available in-store and online via Click & Collect from 19th December.

Aldi turkey

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Aldi's Ashfield Farm whole British Turkeys (£3.75 per kg) with Giblets, landing in stores from 19th December, is available in three size options to help make sure there’s plenty to go around when celebrating with friends and family this Christmas. There's their Small bird (2.8kg – 4kg, serves 3-7), Medium (4kg – 5.4kg, serves 11-14), and Large (6kg – 8kg, serves 15-18).

Meanwhile, the UK’s cheapest frozen whole turkeys can also reportedly be found at Aldi from just £2.78 per kg, with the Oakhurst British Basted Whole Turkey available in three sizes: Small (2.8kg – 4kg, serves 6-11), Medium (4kg – 5.4kg, serves 11-14), and Large (5.4kg – 7.2kg, serves 15-18). On sale now, the plump bird promises to "cook to a golden brown with crisp skin and rich, melt-in-the-mouth texture".

These Aldi Ashfield turkeys are also accompanied by giblets which can be put to majestic use in a turkey gravy to give added flavour. 

Not only do they look truly delicious, but they’re very affordable too.

Aldi’s Frozen Turkeys are available in-store and online now. Aldi’s Fresh Turkeys will be on sale in-store and online from 19th December.

But these aren’t the only cheap turkeys out there to choose from. To help you find a great value turkey, we're revealing the cheapest frozen, fresh, luxury whole turkeys and turkey crowns from all the major supermarkets, from cheapest to most expensive. Where there was a price or weight range, we worked out the price per kilo based on the minimum weight.

Cheapest Christmas turkeys: Frozen turkeys

The cheapest Christmas turkeys: frozen entries for 2023

The cheapest Christmas turkeys: frozen entries for 2022 were...

  • Cheapest! Oakhurst British Basted Whole Turkey was available in three sizes: Small (2.8kg – 4kg, serves 6-11), Medium (4kg – 5.4kg, serves 11-14), and Large (5.4kg – 7.2kg, serves 15-18). just £2.78 per kg.
  • Braemoor Small British Self-Basting Turkey with Giblets 2.8-4kg, £13.49, Lidl, £3.37 per kg.
  • Bootiful! by Bernard Matthews Golden Norfolk Whole Turkey with Giblets Small, (serves 4-5) £13.50 Iceland - £4.82 per kg.
  • Morrisons Frozen Small Whole Basted Turkey With Giblets Serves 4-8, 2.6-3.8kg, £16.99, Morrisons.
  • ASDA Basted Medium British Turkey - 3.9kg, serves 8-10, £17.50, ASDA, £4.49 per kg. Available from 19th December.
  • Tesco British Frozen Small Basted Whole Turkey Bird 2.6Kg - 3.8KG - serves 4-7, £14, Tesco, £5.39 per kg, available until 17th December for delivery or collection.
  • Sainsbury's Standard Turkey 2-3.99kg, Small, serves 6, £4.25/kg, (England, Wales, Scotland) or Grove Fresh turkey 3-3.9kg £12.75 (NI only)
  • Waitrose Frozen Medium Free Range Turkey with Giblets (sold out online) serves 8, £29, Waitrose.

Cheapest Christmas turkeys: fresh turkeys

The cheapest Christmas turkeys: fresh entries for 2023

The cheapest Christmas turkeys: fresh entries for 2022 were...

  • Cheapest: Aldi's Ashfield Farm whole British Turkey, £4.19 per kg, Aldi, Small bird (2kg – 4.49kg, serves 6-11), Medium (4.5kg – 5.99kg, serves 11-14), and Large (6kg – 8kg, serves 15-18)
  • Others: Morrisons Whole Turkey Small 2-3.99Kg Typically: 3kg, £14.97, Morrisons, (serves 4-7), £4.99 per kg.
  • ASDA Small British Turkey (Typically 3.25kg), £16.25, ASDA food to order, serves 4-7, £5 per kg.
  • Tesco Whole Turkey Medium 4.5kg - 5.99kg Serves 11-14 £29.95, Tesco, £5 per kg - Part of the Festive Food to Order Range.
  • Essential Medium Whole Turkey with Giblets(4kg-6kg), £26-£39, Waitrose, serves 8 £6.50 per kg.

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Cheapest Christmas turkeys: turkey crown

Turkey crowns are typically more expensive per kg than a whole turkey. However, they do make a great option for anyone planning a smaller gathering. So this year we have also compared the range of turkey crowns supermarkets have to offer to find the cheapest.

The Cheapest Christmas turkey crown: entries for 2023

The cheapest Christmas turkey crown: entries for 2022 were...

  • Cheapest: Lidl's Braemoor British Small Turkey Crown, 1.5-1.9kg, £13.99, Lidl, serves 4-6, £7.36 per kg. And also Aldi's Oakhurst Small British Turkey Crown 1.5-1.9kg, £13.99, Aldi, £7.36 per kg, serves 4-6.
  • Others: Tesco Turkey Crown Medium 2.3kg - 3.19kg Serves 8-11, £28.71, Tesco, £9 per kg - Part of the Festive Food to Order Range. Available for collection or delivery between 20/12 and 23/12. Check out your order by 14 Dec 23:45.
  • Sainsbury's Medium British Turkey Crown 2kg-2.3kg, £19, Sainsbury's, serves 7-8, £8.26 per kg.
  • Bootiful! by Bernard Matthews Golden Norfolk Small Turkey Crown, £16, Iceland, serves 5-6, £10.67 per kg.
  • ASDA Slow-Cooked Turkey Crown with Stuffing & Bacon, £20, ASDA, £8.62 per kg serves 8-10. 
  • Essential Frozen Butter Basted Turkey Crown Medium, 2-2.49kg £25, Waitrose, sold out online.

Should you buy a cheap turkey?

At GoodtoKnow, we're all about finding you the best products for the cheapest prices, but nobody wants to pay for low-quality produce or products, especially at Christmas. If you're yet to pick up your Christmas turkey this year, avoid meat with added water. This can make your meat dry out more quickly when cooking, leaving you with a dry Christmas dinner.

If you can, it's best to gravitate towards supermarkets that pledge good animal welfare too. Always do your research about the quality of birds on offer and don't be afraid to ask for more information in store.

Whether you're looking for a fresh, frozen or Turkey crown, it's sometimes worth splashing out that little bit more to bag yourself an affordable yet high-quality turkey.

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