M&S Food's Easter eggs have arrived and customers are not happy

Not everyone is egg-cited...

M&S Food's Easter eggs have arrived and customers are not happy
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Marks & Spencer is already selling Easter Eggs less than a few days into the New Year, much to the bemusement of the public. 

We may be taking down our Christmas trees this week, but that doesn't mean the holiday indulgence need to end. 

M&S Food has officially brought back its 'Extremely Chocolately' Easter Egg range, with the flavors Milk Chocolate Caramel Latte, Orange Explosion, and Dark Chocolate Peanut and Pretzel, all available to buy from now until April. 

Each of the delicious confectionery eggs costs £7, while the M&S Extremely Chocolatey Giant Hot Cross Bun Egg and the Biscuity-Egg will set you back £9. The high-end British retailer is also selling the Eggstra Gooey Caramel Eggs, which feature milk and blonde chocolate eggs filled with a luscious vanilla and caramel center. 

The early arrival of the springtime treats, which have been consumed as an Easter food tradition in Britain since the late 1800s, has been met with a mixed reaction online. 

It has since teased its rude looking M&S Easter egg carrot.

"They are some banging Easter choccies coming out.. I can’t wait," one excited customer wrote on Instagram, while another admitted they "NEED the first egg." 

Not everybody was so thrilled to see M&S Easter eggs just a few days into January though. Many argued that the release of the springtime candy was premature, while others criticized the supermarket for jumping so quickly to promote a new product. 

"It's too early," one person said, while another quipped, "They don't mess about, do they?" 

Others joked that they had yet to finish off their festive treats from December, with one person writing, "I'm still eating Christmas chocolate." 

M&S Food also received backlash for the price of their 'Extremely Chocolately' Easter Eggs, which are significantly more expensive than the likes of Cadbury or Nestlé chocolate eggs. 

"£7!! For a hollow egg. I'm not being suckered into that," one irritated consumer commented, while another tagged a friend and wrote, "God u will have to wait till payday 😂." 

The chocolate treats were first spotted at the M&S in Torquay, but are likely to be found at M&S Food stores across the UK in the coming days. The grocery store is also selling chocolate in the shake of a chick, suitably called 'Chickita the Chicken', which could make a great Easter gift for any fuzzy bird lovers out there. 

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