M&S' rude Easter 'egg' that's being likened to something 'Ann Summers' would sell

M&S' rude Easter 'egg' has caused a stir online

M&S logo with drop in of M&S Easter Egg carrot - M&S' very rude Easter 'egg'
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M&S is selling a rather rude looking Easter egg (opens in new tab) and it's being likened by shoppers to something that 'Ann Summers' would sell.

Just when we think the supermarket, which is famous for its sweet Colin the Caterpillar (opens in new tab) treats and magic coffee (opens in new tab), cannot surprise us any more with its cheeky themed snacks like its Valentine's Love Sausage (opens in new tab) - it goes and knocks the ball straight out of the park and forces us to have a double take with its new carrot Easter treat.

M&S has launched its '23 carrot gold' egg on its social media channels. But while the egg sounds perfectly normal, its shape is arousing some suspicion - and getting some shoppers a little hot and flustered.

The food retailer shared on Twitter, "So, who’s ready to start talking about Easter? Introducing our new eggs-ellent “23 carrot gold” egg! Made from golden blond chocolate before being coated in edible gold leaf, this treat comes complete with salted caramel-filled chocolate bunny ears."

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The chocolate treat comes complete with a chunky, rippled texture, and covered in an orange wrapper and has sparked some confused comments from food fans on social media. 

One stunned shopper tweeted, "What on earth is that?" followed with some crying with laughter emojis.

Another shopper put, "Well! I mean it’s open to all sorts of imagination really but I don’t think your going to get away with it just being a carrot to be fair"

And a third shopper added, "Looking like an advert for Ann Summers! I thought you were better than this M&S."

Meanwhile, M&S has defended its look-a-like shape that wouldn't be out of place in an underwear drawer, it tweeted, "It's obviously a carrot, I don't what else you could possibly mean!!"

While other shoppers were quick to point out how similar it looks to the carrot character mascot of rival supermarket Aldi. "Ooooo! Looks a bit like Kevin" one wrote.

While Aldi, posted a witty remark, "Which lawyers did you use to sue us for that gin? Asking for us."

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