This Marks & Spencer boozy treat is winning rave reviews – and it’s only £2

Marks & Spencer
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Finding a boozy supermarket bargain is always a big win.

And Marks and Spencer are always at the lead of the game when it comes to mouth-watering food and drink, especially when it comes to Christmas.

Their chocolate orange and red velvet spreads gave a whole new meaning to indulgent weekend brunch when they released them back in September, and chocolate orange lovers went crazy over their Jaffa Cake Cocktail mix that is ideal for December.

And now another release by the luxury food store, who earlier this week sent fans wild when they announced the return of their Dine In for Two deal, is getting rave reviews across social media. But warning – it may get you a bit tipsy come the office Christmas party.

One of Marks & Spencer’s cocktails in a can has been making its way around Twitter as ‘the way forward’.

Their Blackberry Gin Bramble has risen in popularity as fans have discovered how the boozy beverage tastes like a real cocktail while containing a good amount of alcohol and all for a shockingly low price.

For only £2, the 250ml cocktail can contains TWO shots of extra dry gin, giving it 8 per cent volume of alcohol, and is then topped up with sweet concentrated blackberry juice.

Marks & Spencer suggests serving the winter classic over ice, but many fans find the drink so delicious that they just drink it straight from the can.

‘Genuinely surprised by the bramble-inna-tin from m&s,’ wrote one new devotee. ‘Pretty decent for a cocktail made to a price’.

‘Not any Blackberry gin bramble but an M&S’, wrote another and another commented: ‘love m & s cocktail in a can’.

Others pointed out how strong the drink is, writing: ‘M&S cocktails are sooo good and proper strong. I had two cosmos yesterday and fell asleep at 9pm’ and ‘I always forget that M&S cocktails in a can are stinger [subsequently corrected to ‘stronger’] than standard so feeling fairly tipsy on the train back to Sheffield :/’.

Looks like we better head down to M&S before the Christmas parties hit off.

Aleesha Badkar
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