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McDonald's has announced that milkshakes and bottled drinks are finally back, after being temporarily removed from the menu due to supply chain difficulties.

Last month, the fast food restaurant announced that it was experiencing supply issues that were causing a milkshake shortage (opens in new tab) at its 1,250 sites.

The global burger chain said at the time that it had been "working hard" to minimise the impact on deliveries by introducing six new menu items (opens in new tab) to make up for the inconvenience.

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Customers can once again get their hands on McDonald’s strawberry, banana and chocolate milkshakes (opens in new tab) as a spokesperson for the brand said, "We’re delighted to confirm shakes and bottled drinks will be returning to our restaurants in England, Scotland and Wales.

"Our milkshakes, made with fresh British organic semi-skimmed milk, are a very popular menu item so we’ve worked hard with our distribution centres to return them to the menu."

Adding, "We thank our customers for their patience shown whilst we temporarily removed them from sale."

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The fast food chain also announced the news on social media, writing, "Thick, tasty and made from fresh organic milk. That’s right, MILKSHAKES ARE BACK."

Of course, the exciting news has sent fans in a frenzy as McDonald's continued, "Also what's your favourite flavour to dip your fries into and why is it strawberry? "

Chiming into the viral conversation a shake lover added, "Stop it, they’re back…they’re back! I can’t believe the milkshakes are back on the menu."

"Strawberry milkshake is the best milkshake ever !! Sometimes I dip chicken nuggets in it," added another.

Others are keen to see another elusive menu item back on the scene though.

"Still no breakfast bagels or wraps though," one pointed out.

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Another pleaded, "Can you just bring back the breakfast wraps already?"

"There hasn't been a return. Some say it's gone forever," a third piped up to add, sharing a photo of a McDonald's sugar donut plastered onto a gravestone.

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