This delicious McDonald’s milkshake hack has gone viral on TikTok

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  • This delicious McDonald's milkshake hack has gone viral on TikTok and you're going to be desperate to try it on your next trip to the drive through.

    Nothing beats a cheeky McDonald’s (and a game of McDonald’s Monopoly) – and with the weather heating up an iced cold milkshake from he fast food chain always hits the spot.

    And if you’re anything like us, it’s always hard to pick just one flavour, with creamy vanilla, luscious chocolate and refreshing strawberry all so insanely tasty.

    Well, what if we told you that you can have it all?  One TikTok user has shared an epic hack for getting your hands on a McDonald’s Neapolitan milkshake, made with all three flavours.

    @melika_zaiditrust the process! Duet me if you try it 🍨 #icecream #mcdonaldshack #mcdonalds #GetGrafting #SimlishSessions #milkshake #mcdonaldsdrivethru #lifehack♬ Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child


    TikTok user, @melika_zaidi, explained how to assemble the super tasty milkshake in her viral clip.

    She said, “You HAVE to try this. Get a strawberry, chocolate and vanilla milkshake. First add the chocolate milkshake, trust the process. The add the strawberry on top, finally the vanilla to finish.”

    Astounded by her own creation she added, “OMG that blend. Amazing, tastes just like the ice cream. This is a golden globe winning beverage.”

    Other online creators have jumped on the Maccies hack band wagon, with one showing viewers how to make the ultimate cheeseburger and chicken sandwich.


    While you’re taking notes on genius McDonald’s hacks, remember to try this clever  hack for fresh fries every time – simply order your fries without salt, which means they need to be fried from scratch!

    According to the internet, you can get a ready-made Neapolitan milkshake. All you have to do is ask for it and you won’t have to deal with all of the fuss. Simply order a blend of all three flavours. That’s all there is to it.

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