McDonald’s is bringing back this fan favourite – but for a limited time only

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  • McDonald’s will be making January slightly more exciting as the fast food giant has decided to bring back a fan favourite - the Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

    But those looking to get their hands on the Spicy McNuggets will have to act fast, as they’re coming back for a limited time only.

    They’ll be available from 11am on Thursday 2 January and will be on the menu for four weeks only.

    The specially-developed meaty morsels were first launched back in August and were around for an eight week trial period.

    So, in 2020, they’ll be on offer for even less time than before.

    The spicy nuggets also come with a Tabasco-based dip for anyone who likes them extra hot.

    mcdonald's spicy mcnuggets

    Credit: McDonald’s

    Just like regular McNuggets, the hotter version can be bought in various sizes.

    Six Spicy McNuggets will cost £3.19 whereas nine nuggets will be priced at £3.49. Those looking to share (or to go all out themselves) can buy a Spicy McNuggets Sharebox – which includes 20 – for £4.99.

    Just like other McDonald’s items, they can also be bought as part of a meal with a side and a drink.

    Prices can vary though – depending on the restaurant – so be sure to check at the till.

    It’s worth pointing out that the spicy ones have more calories than ordinary chicken nuggets. A box of six Spicy McNuggets comes in at 290 calories, compared to 259 for the regular ones.

    Naturally, the news of the Spicy McNuggets returning was met with excitement on social media.

    One person tweeted, “Yesss spicy chicken McNuggets I’ve waited a year for this.”

    Australian branches of McDonald’s already have them as permanent fixture on their menus, but there’s no word whether the same will be happening in the UK.

    It does, however, seem like McDonald’s listens to its loyal fans.

    Earlier this year, the fast food chain announced it would extending its breakfast opening hours, for an extra 30 minutes.

    Now, every single restaurant in the UK has breakfast running until 11am, rather than 10.30am.

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