McDonald’s is making a HUGE change to its chicken nuggets

For many fast food lovers, McDonald’s chicken nuggets are an essential go-to choice when it comes to trip to the drive through.


For many fast food lovers, McDonald’s chicken nuggets are an essential go-to choice when it comes to trip to the drive through.

If you’re amongst the world’s nugget fans, you might be shocked to hear that McDonald’s crispy chunks of chicken-y deliciousness are about to undergo a MASSIVE change.

That’s right, the fast food joint is really spicing things up when it comes to their chicken offerings - and have made their classic McNugget, yep you guessed it, SPICY.

The scorching new snack will even come with a side of Tabasco dip for those who want a mega hot taste experience.

The sizzling version of the Maccies favourite has already been trialled in the U.S. and Asia and they are a permanent feature on the Australian menu, and are now set to hit the UK’s taste buds very soon.

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Credit: McDonald's

Launching at 10.30am on 7 August, they’ll come in six, nine or 20 packs. The nuggets will be £3.19 for six, £3.49 for nine, £4.99 for 20.

If you’re seriously not a fan of fiery flavours, don’t worry. The original McNuggets are still going to be available as per usual.

If you are keen to give your tongue a tingle, you’ve only got seven weeks to give the limited edition Spicy McNuggets a try before they’re long gone.

McDonald’s have been mixing up their menu a fair bit lately.

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After scrapping their old version of their breakfast bacon roll and replacing it with a revamped version, it was reported that the new edition of the morning treat had sold out in stores across the country.

Meanwhile, it was announced that breakfast serving hours are set to be extended!

McDonald’s breaky options are usually sold until 10.30 but in 115 restaurants, it’s set to carry on until 11am- hooray an extra half an hour to get that bacon roll fix.

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