McDonald’s worker reveals awkward drive-thru secret you probably want to take note of

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  • McDonald’s has recently made some serious changes to its menu, and it seems like fans are set for even more surprises as an employee has revealed an awkward drive-thru secret you probably never knew. 

    Any fast food fan is partial to a trip to McDonald’s to enjoy the likes of the iconic Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets or even treats using genius McDonald’s menu hacks. There’s even a clever hack to get fresh fries every time.

    Now, a McDonald’s employee has shared some hidden secrets from the drive-thru that any regular Maccies goer will want to take note of.

    TikToker @charlton.a (who has now deactivated his account) posted three major tips for customers to know before returning to their local chain. The employee, who works at a New Zealand McDonald’s branch, revealed that staff can hear what you’re saying in your car even before they’ve taken your order.

    Long queues outside a McDonald's restaurant and drive thru prior to closure on March 23, 2020 in Weymouth, United Kingdom.

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    Commenters were horrified to learn that they didn’t have the privacy they thought they did in the McDonald’s queue.

    One TikTok user penned,”Wait really?! I’ve said things no one is allowed to know about!”

    A person takes their food at a Drive Thru McDonald's on June 04, 2020 in Stourbridge, England.

    And, it only gets worse if, like us, you’ve had some pretty embarrassing car conversations while waiting for your food, as Charlton replied, “We can hear quite a bit but we can definitely hear all the passengers in the car too.”

    In addition to staff being able to hear you, Charlton’s clip claimed that McDonald’s also uses cameras to track orders. Charlton alleging that the cameras,”Take mugshot photos of you so [employees] know which order’s yours.”

    However, McDonald’s UK has ensured customers that images aren’t kept and that they only photograph the car rather than any detailed images of the people inside, so you don’t need to be getting glammed up for a trip to the drive-thru.