McDonald's is making very exciting changes to the menu today

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McDonald's is making some big changes to its menu today and the beloved Double Big Mac is finally back. 

Shaking up the menu, McDonald's has launched six new menu items today to tide us over until the festive menu launches next month.

It comes after news that the McPlant Burger is finally set to be available in UK stores later this month.

Sharing the thrilling news with Maccies fanatics, McDonald's took to Twitter to confirm that the Double Big Mac is available once again - but for a limited time.

The Double Big Mac will set you back £4.19 alone or £5.56 if you buy it as a meal with fries and a drink.

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'Calling all Big Mac fans,' the post read, 'The Double Big Mac is here, but only until 16th November.'

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What's in the Double Big Mac?

The Double Big Mac is the ideal McDonald's purchase if the original version of their signature creation never fills you up quite well enough. It is crammed with a total of four beef patties, with that iconic seeded bun encasing the meat together with secret Big Mac sauce, lettuce, gherkins, onions and cheese.

McDonald's has also confirmed the return of the Cadbury Crunchie McFlurry and Nacho Cheese Wedges for a limited six-week period.

However, the menu switch up means that for the first time since August, the Big Tasty, Chicken BBQ Smokehouse, and Mozzarella Dippers are no longer on the menu.

The Double Big Mac as well as the Crunchie McFlurry and Nacho Cheese Wedges are available to buy at McDonald's stores, drive-throughs and on McDelivery from today.

McDonald's Nacho Cheese Bites

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Upon hearing the news of the return of the Double Big Mac and Nacho Cheese Dippers, McDonald's fans flocked to social media to share their joy.

"Yaaaaaasss this is the best news," one wrote.

"Jheeeeeze. Terrible time for me to be on a diet," another added.

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