M&S launch VERY cheeky emoji shaped Easter egg and fans are in stitches

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  • With Easter just around the corner, M&S launched an eyebrow-raising new 'egg' and it's hilarious

    From their classic chocolate Easter eggs to Percy Pig variations, M&S’s Easter offerings are always joyful and incredibly delicious.

    However, the latest seasonal delight has raised quite a few eyebrows for its suggestive meaning.

    The supermarket unveiled a new aubergine shaped egg which is part of the Plant Kitchen range.

    The new ‘Egg-Plant Kitchen’ is entirely vegan and will be making people giggle in the aisles.

    M&S launched the clever ‘Egg Plant’ marketing ploy on an Instagram post reading, ‘Stop scrolling: our ‘Egg-Plant Kitchen’ vegan Easter egg is here to brighten up your January in all its aubergine-shaped glory. You can thank us later. Pick it up in-store now!’

    Shoppers were quick to join in the fun as they lit up the comment section with humour and intrigue for the x-rated vegetable themed egg in the shape of the egg plant emoji that often has some cheeky connotations.

    Aubergine-shaped Easter egg

    Aubergine-shaped Easter egg

    One eager shopper commented, ‘I can see that being a Valentine gift for the 🍆 fans.’

    Many others continued to joke with comments such as, ‘Jesus isn’t the only thing that rose again at Easter!’- I wonder if Ann Summers will be selling them as well!

    Not everyone was a fan of the saucy eggplants though as one declared their love of the traditional Easter egg.

    I’m deceased, I can’t believe M&S have really made this. This doesn’t brighten up my January; it makes me sad, can’t even have Easter eggs just be Easter eggs anymore.’.

    Many were also offended by the release because M&S ran with an American expression for the prized veg.

    Over on Twitter, shoppers continued the conversation around the veggie innuendo and many agreed that it was a much-needed pick me up during the third lockdown.

    The naughty but nice aubergine easter egg is available now, only in M&S stores and costs £6.