M&S divides shoppers with the return of its fruit hybrid creation that they’re ‘scared but curious’ to try

Do you dare to taste one?
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  • M&s has divided shoppers over its Limelon fruit hybrid creation of a lime melon.

    M&S has left shoppers feeling ‘scared but curious’ over trying its fruit hybrid creation the Limelon.

    The supermarket chain is known to give its customers what they want and more – remember the Friends themed meal deal to mark the reunion and it even included the ‘Joey Special’?

    But it’s the brand new food creations that catch the attention of most. Remember the YumYum/donut invention of the Yumnut which made shoppers blush at Christmas with its Santa’s Yumnuts and a lovers version in February this year for Valentine’s Day.

    Shoppers took to social media to share their thoughts on the ‘tangy and refreshing’ Limelon.

    The fruits are best kept in the fridge and are described on the packaging as ‘tangy and refreshing’.

    One shopper confessed, ‘I’m a little scared but also curious enough to try,’ another put, ‘Love them so nice’, and a third added, ‘I saw these at Costco last week. Didn’t know this was a thing.’

    And other shoppers wanted to know what the texture was like inside.

    One asked, ‘So are they melon like inside or lime like?’

    To which Kev’s Snack Reviews, who has tasted the fruit, explained, ‘They’re a melon but have a slightly tangy lime flavour. I like them… although they might not be for everyone if you like super sweet melons.’

    But another shopper warned, ‘Absolutely LOVE them! They’re the most refreshing fruit IMO! However… the 2 I’ve got so far this season haven’t been juicy at all :(‘

    In announcing the hybrid fruit’s arrival last year, M&S uploaded a snap to Instagram and captioned it, ‘Introducing the LIMELON! 😲 This incredible limited-edition hybrid fruit tastes like a juicy melon with a hint of lime – deliciously refreshing with a zesty citrus bite! Perfect for all the family, this zingy fruit is great served on its own, topped on yoghurt or added to savoury lunchtime salads. 🤤 ••• #thisisnotjust #mymarksfave #limelon #lime #melon’

    At the time shoppers were struggling to hunt them down in their local store, so you’d better be quick if you don’t want to miss out on this new fruit craze!