M&S just launched a new festive treat but shoppers are outraged by its rude name

Naughty but nice...
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  • M&S has caused a stir among shoppers over its latest tasty treat.

    The iconic food retailer M&S sparked outrage among fans after releasing its latest festive treat.

    Following on from it’s snow globe gin baubles, M&S took to social media to announce the launch of its latest sweet treat which is a cross between a YumYum and a donut and decorated with Santa themed icing.

    But some shoppers, who might have finished stocking up on the best non-chocolate advent calendars for 2020, were less than impressed by the new product’s naughty name.

    M&S tweeted a picture of the confectionary and captioned it, ‘Who wants a bite of Santa’s Yumnut™? Our yum yum-doughnut hybrids have been given a Christmassy makeover, with delicious flaky pastry layers and a sweet Santa’s belt topping. Find them in our in store bakery.’

    M&S Santa's Yumnuts

    One shopper wrote, ‘Not sure giving Santa’s YumNuts to children is entirely suitable. You may want to rethink that name M&S.’

    Another agreed and added, ‘A sexually suggestive doughnut for adults just might be funny, but a sexually suggestive Santa doughnut aimed at children ? That’s a yuk from me.’

    And even Specsavers and Snickers UK joined in the ribbing.

    Specsavers wrote, ‘If anybody needs help popping their eyes back in after reading this, give us a shout.’

    While Snickers cheekily added, ‘We love nuts but we’re quite happy to pass on Santa’s Yumnut. Thanks for the offer though.’


    Meanwhile many others were making rude remarks and sharing hilarious memes.

    Someone even did their research to find that M&S had trademarked the product name. He wrote, ‘They’ve actually trademarked it. They’ve trademarked Yumnut.’ And added, ‘May I add they’ve also trademarked the plural. Who signed this off?

    While another shopper suggested, ‘Please, I beg you, whenever you want to name something just show it to a 14 year old first. If they start laughing, change the name.

    Those unhappy with the name might be safer sticking to buying their children one of the Top Christmas toys of 2020 – if they’ve been good of course!