The M&S glitter gin globe is back with a beautiful summer twist

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M&S' sell out snow globe glitter gin bottle is back with the perfect summer twist.

The British food retailer saw its Christmas gin snow globes flying off the shelves both last Christmas and the festive period before.

The rhubarb and clementine gin liqueurs caught the eye of gin lovers across the nation with its gorgeous gold leaf glitter and light up snow globe design bottle.

M&S Cherry Blossom Gin Liquer
Priced at £17 for a 70cl bottle, this fruity and floral treat is a summer-loving gin fan's dream. With hints of cherry blossom and peach and mixed with edible 23 carat gold flakes, it's an undeniably gorgeous gift.

With spring having sprung, M&S has launched the ultimate summer version priced at £17 per bottle and we predict another epic sell out.

Launching in stores today, the Cherry Blossom Glitter Globe features floral cherry blossom notes with hints of peach, perfect for mixing in fruity gin cocktails or with tonic, ice and a berry garnish to make the most summery G&T you've ever had.

M&S glitter gin globe cherry blossom

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'Try serving it with our limited-edition Conte Priuli prosecco, which is dry, crisp and with notes of peach and jasmine,' the M&S website suggests. Sounds dreamy.

It's certainly one to put on display at the front of your gin stash too. The bottle contains 23 carat edible gold leaf and an animated falling blossom label.

If you need any more of a reason to pop this into your trolley during your next M&S shopping trip, it turns out that there are some incredible health benefits that can come from drinking gin.

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If you'd rather not venture out to the supermarkets, it's available to buy on Ocado too.

M&S announced the news of the new product's arrival on its shelves on Instagram today and the comment section was quickly flooded with shoppers vowing to buy a bottle ASAP.

'Sooooo I’ll be buying this,' one wrote, while another chipped in, 'I’ve got a lot of time for this!!!!'

'OMG! I need to get some of this,' a third agreed.

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