Mum shares brilliant hack to stop avocados going brown - and it's surprisingly simple

Mum shares brilliant hack to stop avocados going brown

A savvy mum has shared her simple trick for always having a perfect portion of avocado to-hand.

An Australian mum has shared a clever trick shown how she slices avocados then places them on a baking tray lined with paper before covering them in a large sandwich bag and freezing.

The ridiculously simple trick has left avocado fans around the world wondering why they never thought of it before and saying 'Bravocado!'

The clever mum, who shared the tip on the Facebook page Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips, says she just thaws out what she needs then uses them straight way, saving on both money and food waste.

And because they’re frozen so carefully, the individual slices don’t stick together and form one big clumpy bit of avocado for her snacks and meals.

Of course, you'll need to destone avocados beforehand

Avocado hack


The online post, which has been now been shared hundreds of times, left some followers of the page unsure. Many thought the fruit would continue to ripen and go brown very quickly once out of the freezer and exposed to the elements.

But the poster assured her more than 200,000 online fans that the trick has helped her to keep avocado slices green and ready to use all-year-round.

She wrote: "This is a little trick I’ve been doing with avocado. I heard that you can buy it frozen, but was never able to find it anywhere. So I thought, 'Why not freeze it myself?'.

"It works amazingly well. I buy a fresh avocado, cut it in half, take the pit out and slice it. You can cut it into chunks too,’ she added, "I lay it out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze."

The mum advised only freezing for a day and then taking it out, ready to be consumed slice by slice or all at once.

"A lot of you like avocado in smoothies," she continued. "I have been letting it thaw and using it on sandwiches or with eggs. It stays nice and green as well." Why not try Joe Wicks' delicious and healthy halloumi fries that go perfectly with our guacamole recipe?

Avocados have certainly become more popular than ever in the past few years, from the fruit itself to use in emojis, on homewares and even in the form of Waitrose's sell-out chocolate avocados which are back for Christmas this year after an Easter stampede for them.

Avocados have plenty of health benefits - they're are high in healthy fats and great for your heart.

That's right, they make for great avo-cardio.

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