Chocolate lovers share their outrage as Nestle launches Walnut Whips WITHOUT the walnuts

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  • Chocolate lovers are outraged with Nestle after the company announced it would be removing the walnut from its iconic Walnut Whips.

    The classic, which was first launched way back in 1910 and one of the brands first, is famous for encasing a marshmallow in milk chocolate, topped off with a golden walnut.

    But now fans are disappointed to learn that the crowning glory of the sweet treat is going – although Nestle are quick to point out they are not replacing the traditional Walnut Whip, but merely adding to the collection with vanilla, caramel and dark mint chocolate flavoured Whips, saying they aimed to ‘offer more choice with and without the walnut’.

    Despite this, chocolate lovers remain less than impressed with the move, and have taken to Twitter in their droves to express their distaste, with one calling it ‘a shocking demise of a classic.’

    ‘They’ve taken the walnut off the top of the walnut whip so now it’s just a whip and I don’t know who we are anymore,’ wrote one bemused commenter.

    Another said ‘Like @realDonaldTrump deleting the nutty tweets, @Nestle delete the nuttiness in a #WalnutWhip #epicfail.’

    ‘A walnut whip without the walnut? What is the world coming to nowadays? #shakeshead,’ said another.
    One wrote: ‘Whaaaat that’s the best bit of a walnut whip! They can’t call it a walnut whip now can they? Whip just doesn’t sound right!’

    ‘Who knew that Brexit would result in a Walnut Whip without the walnut. They didn’t put that on the bus,’ another joked.

    It actually isn’t so crazy to think leaving the EU might have an impact on our chocolate industry, as figures from earlier this year show that the vote could be leading to shrinking products!

    Coco Pops, M&M’s and Toblerones have all got smaller in size, but infuriatingly have stayed the same price – whilst Freddos have infamously increased in price to 30p!