Hilarious online debate has people debating whether or not chocolate belongs in the fridge

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  • Let’s face it, you’ve probably got at least one bar of chocolate in the house. The question is, where are you storing it?

    You might not think about that question much, but the correct way to store the confectionery has been widely debated after a Facebook post went viral.

    NSW Police Force took to Facebook to share their thoughts on this, writing: ‘People who put chocolate in the fridge are the same people that don’t keep left unless overtaking. We’re now targeting both.’

    The post has since received over 20,000 comments where people are weighing in on the debate.

    One user tagged their friend saying: ‘You’ve been warned, keep that chocolate out of the fridge!! 😂’

    The friend was having none of it though, replying: ‘I’d like to see them catch me!’

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    Another had strong views about storing chocolate in the fridge, writing: ‘About time someone did something about the actual monsters who refrigerate chocolate’.

    ‘Choc in fridge is the only way to consume!’ Another argued, making their views on the debate very clear.


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    A couple of commenters confessed that they put theirs in the freezer which, as you can imagine, horrified people.

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    But is there actually a ‘correct’ way to store chocolate? According to expert Luke Owen Smith, chocolate should never be stored in the fridge, even when the weather’s warm.

    Luke is the owner of an online store called the Chocolate Bar, and told New Zealand’s Stuff that a cold temperature can affect the taste.

    He says it ‘should be stored in a cool, dark cupboard, preferably at between 10 and 20 degrees C – with 15 degrees C being the perfect temperature’.

    We can’t imagine that’ll stop people who have it out the fridge though, each to their own!

    Where do you stand on this debate? Fridge, cupboard or somewhere else? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook!