If you get bloated when drinking beer, it could be down to the way your pour it


If you pour your beer in a way that results in little or no foam (or ‘head’), you could be at risk of giving yourself stomach issues.

Max Bakker, High-End Educator at Anheuser-Busch InBev has revealed the correct technique to pour the perfect beer.

He explained to Business Insider, “We always want to drink beer out of a glass. Because beer has a sound to it, just like a taste, and beer is carbonated. And we need to release that carbonation into a glass.”

Max then addressed the popular method of pouring, where a server will tilt the glass and slowly pour to ensure there’s no white foam at the top.

But he added, “Without that collar of foam it’s not really a beer. And there’s about 2.5 bottles of CO2 in this beer that weren’t released in the glass.”

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Max explained that because the CO2 isn’t released when poured, it could cause problems in the stomach especially if you’re eating a meal or snack alongside your beer. This is due to the build up of carbonation.

He added, “Now you think ‘Wow, every time I had beer I get really bloated’. That’s what’s going on.”

Instead, Max reveals that you should be pouring the beer down the side of the glass, with vigor, because you’re breaking out the CO2. Despite the fact it looks like a lot of foam at first, Max added, “foam always turns into beer”.

In basic terms, the less CO2 in the glass, the less bloated you’ll feel after drinking a pint of beer because it’s not agitating the stomach.

So next time you fancy a beer, try pouring it in the way Max shows in the video. It could help you feel a lot less bloated. Or you could always opt for a low calorie beer instead.

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Lucy Buglass
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