12 low calorie beer

All of these beers are low in calories...
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  • If you’re searching for low calorie beer options we’ve got you covered. From lagers and IPAs to low and non-alcoholic options, there’s plenty to choose from.

    A cold beer is one of life’s simplest, most enjoyable pleasures. But if you’re keeping an eye on your diet and have worked hard to ensure you keep your calorie intake low on a daily basis, you don’t want to undo all the effort when it comes to what you’re drinking.

    We have listed 12 low calorie beers which range from alcohol-free to lagers and IPAs so there’s something for everyone. All of the beers included in this collection are under 115 calories per bottle and can all be purchased online. To find out more about where to buy alcohol online, see our guide.

    We’d recommend serving these cold brews alongside one of our low calorie lunches at the weekend, or paired with one of our low calorie dinners. Calorie counting doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the treats.

    Here’s our roundup of the best low calorie beers for your diet…

    Low calorie beer

    low calorie beer
    1. Small Beer Organic IPA

    Total calories: 87.5 (per 350ml)

    This specially crafted beer is available for a limited time only and was designed to celebrate summer and British farming. We love the glass bottles and the low ABV of 2.8 per cent. The beer is 100 per cent organic and UK sourced which is an industry first. You can buy the beer on Abel & Cole or on the Small Beer website listed below.

    VIEW AT theoriginalsmallbeer.com | £55 (for 24 bottles)


    low calorie beer

    2. Small Beer Lager

    Total calories: 77 (per 350ml)

    An even lighter option from Small Beer which is available all year round. This crisp lager has an ABV of 2.1 per cent and only 0.7 UK units per 350ml. It’s a pilsner-style lager which is perfect for easy sipping in the sun.

    VIEW AT theoriginalsmallbeer.com | £15 (for 6 bottles)


    low calorie beer

    3. Shandy Shack’s Elderflower Lager Top

    Total calories: 105 (per 330ml)

    A light option for beer lovers that also makes a good fruity introduction to the drink for those still on the fence. This ready-to-drink shandy is made by combining a pilsner lager with a splash of elderflower presse. It has an ABV of just 2.5 per cent and it’s vegan and gluten-free. You can buy it at selected Sainsbury’s stores for £1.80 per 330ml bottle or via the Shandy Shack website.

    VIEW AT SHANDYSHACK.CO.UK | £9.99 (for 4 cans)


    low calorie beer

    4. Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5%

    Total calories: 115 (per 500ml)

    For this citrus pale ale, Adnams use a reverse osmosis plant to get rid of the alcohol in the classic Ghost Ship 4.5 per cent. This means the flavour and aromas remain but the alcohol is removed. It’s also suitable for vegans.

    VIEW AT TESCO | £1.30


    low calorie beer


    5. Beavertown Space Born Low Cal Hazy Pale

    Total calories: 98 (per 330ml)

    A punchy hazy pale that’s low in cals but with an ABV of 4 per cent. Flavours are hops-led, with Idaho 7, Sabro and Galaxy in the recipe, but you can also expect fruity undertones of grapefruit and tangerine. This beer is also vegan-friendly but it’s limited edition so you’d better be quick as it’s sold out on the Beavertown website.

    VIEW AT drinkmonger.com | £2.45

    low calorie beer

    6. Skinny Brands Lager

    Total calories: 89 (per 330ml)

    Brewed and bottled in the UK, this lager has an ABV of 4 per cent and less than 90 cals per bottle. It’s vegan, gluten and preservative-free and Kosher. It’s got some celebrity fans including Jake Quickenden, Vicky Pattison and Ellie Goulding. For those who adore the taste of draught beer, you could invest in a Skinny Draught beer dispenser to take your home bar to the next level.

    VIEW AT TESCO | £14 (for 12 bottles)

    low calorie beer

    7. Brewdog Lightspeed

    Total calories: 95 (per 330ml)

    Another hazy IPA which promises flavours of apricot and peach and hints of citrus. It has an ABV of 4 per cent and under 100 calories a can. It’s a very hop-led beer and could be a good option to try if you’re a fan of Brewdog’s Hazy Jane. Plus, by purchasing you are helping them to offset 1.24kg of CO2.

    VIEW AT BREWDOG.COM | £6.95 (for 4 cans)

    low calorie beer

    8. Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Ginger Beer

    Total calories: 95 (per 500ml)

    This soft drink has an impressively low-calorie content and can be enjoyed on its own or as a mixer. Try it with vodka for a light Moscow Mule or with rum for a dark and stormy. It has 48 per cent fewer calories compared to Fever Tree’s classic premium ginger beer.

    VIEW AT TESCO | £1.80


    low calorie beer
    9. Big Drop Brewing Co Paradiso Citra IPA

    Total calories: 61 (per 330ml)

    Another fantastic alcohol-free option. This IPA is fruity and refreshing with a delicious bitterness that keeps you coming back for more. It was also a gold winner at the 2020 World Beer Awards with several other accolades under its belt too.

    VIEW AT WAITROSE | £1.50


    low calorie beer

    10. Lucky Saint Unfiltered Lager

    Total calories: 53 (per 330ml)

    Suitable for vegans and with a 0.5 per cent ABV, the Lucky Saint beer bottles look chic and the beer tastes great too. It was crowned winner of the Best No and Low Lager in the 2020 Imbibe Taste Awards and was recently award a Great Taste Award too.

    VIEW AT TESCO | £1.80


    low calorie beer

    11. Smashed lager

    Total calories: 76 (per 330ml)

    This beer is brewed with alcohol and then it is cleverly removed. It has a floral aroma and a crisp hoppy finish. It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans and was awarded bronze at the World Beer Awards 2020. It has has a Great Taste 2020 star.

    VIEW AT DRYNKS.STORE | £20 (for 12 bottles)

    low calorie beer


    12. So.Beer Grapefruit

    Total calories: 40 (per 330ml)

    This low-calorie beer has an abv of 0.3 per cent and is packed with additional vitamins and nutrients which are designed to improve your immune health. There is also less than 7g of sugar per can and it’s vegan friendly.

    VIEW AT thenakedcollective.com | £48 (for 24 cans)