Nestle is launching a brand new Quality Street advent calendar

Christmas wouldn't be the same without a good old fashioned tin of Quality Street for the family to tuck into together.

But this year, for the first time ever, we can indulge in the joy of Quality Street a little sooner - with a new advent calendar helping us to count down the days 'til Christmas.

Nestle has announced the release of its first ever Quality Street advent calendar.

One of the brand's classic treats will wait behind every door, with every calendar having two of each flavours.

Credit: Nestle

No two calendars are the same when it comes to the order of chocolates behind the windows, which means you won't know which treat you'll get until the day itself.

The calendars cost £5, which works out at 21p per sweet.

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The calendars will be available in every major supermarket, and a Quality Street spokesperson told The Sun they should be available in the coming weeks.

And the good news doesn't end there. As part of a partnership with John Lewis, this festive season will see Quality Street pick and mix stations land in 11 John Lewis stores around the country, where shoppers will be invited to pick their favourite sweets and create their own bespoke tin.

With their genius pick ‘n’ mix idea, for £12, you’ll be able to put together a 1.2kg purple tin of your dreams.

There is a catch however - we all have a favourite, but you won't be allowed to stuff the whole tin with the one choice of chocolate. You’ll have to choose at least four different flavours from the famous line-up.

It might only be September, but there's nothing like the mention of chocolate to get you in the mood for Christmas. Will you be treating yourself to a Quality Street advent calendar this year? Or will you be sticking to your old favourites? Head over to our Facebook page and join the conversation!

Words by Saskia Murphy.