Slimming World blogger shares secret hack for perfect crispy roast potatoes

roast potatoes
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Roast potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to any Sunday lunch, but they also cause a lot of stress among home cooks.

Sometimes our roast potatoes can end up going soggy, or there’s no crunch to them and we’re left disappointed with the end result.

But one blogger’s secret ingredient might divide foodies everywhere, because she swears by the divisive yeast extract spread Marmite.

Taking to Instagram, Slimming World member Beth explained that she adds the spread to her roasties to keep them nice and crispy. And she adds that the spread is free on SW too!

Beth wrote the recipe in her caption, saying, ‘Peel and par boil some potatoes (7 ish minutes) then drain and drizzle marmite all over them👍🏼 (I usually use 2tsp depending on how many potatoes, but use as much or as little as you want).. marmite is free on SW☺️

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‘Then spray a glass roaster/baking tray with frylight and tip the potatoes into it! Shake the roaster/tray so that the marmite spreads on all of the potatoes and then spray them with fry light😁 Cook in the oven until nice and crispyyyyy😍

‘To make them crispy and marmite’y... every 20 minutes cover with more marmite and spray with frylight again😊 I never have a roast without these now🖤’

Marmite fans were excited about the recipe, with many taking to the comments to share their thoughts.

One said, ‘Just love Marmite!’

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Another added, ‘Omg I didn't know marmite was free made my day lol x’

A third wrote, ‘I LOVE these 😍😍😍’

And a fourth said, ‘Wow these look unreal’

However, if you’re not a fan of the spread, some people have insisted it still makes the potatoes taste incredible.

So who knows, maybe Marmite was the secret ingredient all this time...

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