25 low syn foods you’ll only know if you’re doing the Slimming World plan

Gherkins and fat-free cottage cheese aren't normally go-to snacks but they're without syns on the Slimming World plan.
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  • You’ll already know all about Slimming World syns if you’ve started the plan. 

    Slimming World syns are foods that aren’t very filling and are high in calories – like biscuits, sweets and alcohol. While the plan allows for some syns, like the occasional piece of chocolate or small glass of wine, the idea is to stay away from them as much as possible. Instead, Slimming World urges people to eat as much ‘Free Food’ as they like, which includes foods like lean meat, vegetables, fish, eggs, pasta, potatoes and rice.

    Many people will follow Slimming World recipes to make sure they’re staying on track, like Slimming World chicken recipes for great alternatives to classic dishes or recipes to turn favourite takeaways into healthier meals, like the Slimming World burger recipe. But when it comes to snacks and that 2pm sugar craving hits, those syns might start to understandably creep in.

    Scroll down to see the 25 Slimming World foods that are either syn-free or low in syns that make for great snacks and meal additions…

    All these Slimming World foods are low in syns:

    1. Pickled onions and gherkins

    You can make these vinegary, fermented vegetables yourself – or save time and pick them up from the shop. They’re a great snack for when you’re feeling peckish!

    Syns: Free

    Jar of gherkins, one of the Slimming World foods without syns

    Credit: Getty

    2. Chickpeas

    These are great for padding out any meal and giving it a little something extra. There are also plenty of exciting things to do with tinned chickpeas, so you’ll never have a dull meal again.

    Syns: Free

    3. Frozen fruit

    Frozen fruit is not only a great way to get in more vitamins, it makes for a great snack in the afternoons when you feel peckish or a filling breakfast. In the morning, pair with yogurt for a great start to the day or in the afternoon, put frozen fruit together with yogurt in a blender and then freeze for your very own healthy ice cream.

    Syns: Free

    Frozen fruit, one of the Slimming World foods without any syns

    Credit: Alamy

    4. High Fi bars

    You can only buy these from ‘group’ (Healthy Extra B choice). But they’re just so small and delicious that you need to cram a few in while you can.

    Syns: 3 in each

    5. Frylight

    Frylight is an essential on the Slimming World plan and with just 1 calorie per spray, it’s perfect for making recipes like Slimming World’s egg fried rice. It’s also frequently on offer in major supermarkets so when you see it, be sure to buy in bulk.

    Syns: Free

    6. Quark

    While it might be strangely tastless, Quark is really creamy. It’s the perfect ingredient to use in pasta and rice dishes for an extra ingredient that won’t add to your syn count.

    Syns: Free

    Quark on red background, a low syn slimming world food

    Credit: Alamy

    7. Primula light cheese spread tubes

    You can half a tube for a Healthy Extra A! It goes great in mac ‘n’ cheese, trust us.

    Syns: 2 syns

    8. Diet Coke

    Diet Coke is a famous syn-free drink and a great alcohol alternative to go-to for anyone on the plan.

    Syns: Free

    Diet coke, another low syn Slimming World food

    Credit: Alamy

    9. Bacon medallions

    With no fat on these bacon medallions, they’re syn free and hassle free.

    Syns: Free, as long as there is no fat on the medallions (otherwise 0.5 per slice)

    10. Yogurt, yogurt, yogurt

    Meet your new best friend. You never can have enough fat-free yogurt in the fridge thanks to its Slimming World free food status.

    Syns: Free

    11. Snack A Jacks

    So light, so fluffy and so full of flavour! A bag of Snack a Jack will help keep those crunch cravings at bay.

    Syns: 2.5 syns per packet

    Snack A Jacks packet, one of the syn free foods from Slimming World

    Credit: Alamy

    12. Pasta, potatoes and rice

    Pasta, potatoes and rice are (surprisingly) all on the Slimming World list of foods without syns.

    They’re one of the reasons why the diet isn’t suitable for those with diabetes as well, since this is where the majority of the carbohydrate intake comes from. White carbohydrates like these can cause a spike in blood sugar, which people with diabetes need to avoid.

    Syns: Free

    13. Fat free cottage cheese

    When you’re watching your syns on the Slimming World plan, fat free cottage cheese is a saviour to many. It will turn even the blandest of foods into exciting salads and filling jacket potatoes dishes.

    Syns: Free

    14. Chopped tomatoes and passata

    You can have as much chopped tomatoes and passata as you like on the Slimming World plan as they don’t have any syns. Ideal for slathering over pasta to make Slimming World’s bolognese or over rice for a chilli.

    Syns: Free

    15. Hello Curly Wurly

    Who doesn’t love a Curly Wurly? Whether you buy them in multipacks from the supermarket or as a one-off on the way to work, they fit into the Slimming World plan.

    Syns: 6 syns

    Curly Wurly

    Credit: Alamy

    16. Options hot chocolate

    On a cold evening, there’s nothing more warming than a hot chocolate. This brand of hot chocolate comes in so many different flavours, you’re sure to never get bored of the Options available.

    Syns: 2.5

    17. Balsamic vinegar

    While the olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixture is off the table on the Slimming World plan, you can still have balsamic vinegar on its own. Splash over a salad for a little something extra.

    Syns: Free

    18. Slimming World Free Food Chips

    Naturally, Slimming World’s own brand of foods are syn-free. These chips, made with just potatoes and sea salt are the real deal. They can be purchased from Icelands all around the country – just add ketchup to complete your meal.

    slimming world free from chips

    Credit: Slimming World/Iceland

    Syns: Free

    19. Eggs

    If you opt for an omelette as a quick go-to lunch then you’re in luck. Eggs are completely without syns on the Slimming World plan so you can have as many as you like.

    Syns: Free

    20. Mushy peas

    The perfect accompaniment to Slimming World’s fish and chips recipe, mushy peas don’t have any Slimming World syns in them.

    Syns: Free

    21. Jelly babies

    Sweets are normally off limits on the Slimming World plan but Jelly Babies come in at just one syn per sweet. They’re one of Slimming World’s best kept secrets.

    Syns: One syn per sweet

    jelly babies

    Credit: Alamy

    22. Pasta ‘n’ sauce

    If you’re not up for making a fresh pasta dish, like Slimming World’s prawn, chilli and tomatoes recipe, then there is a low-syn alternative about.

    Pasta ‘n’ Sauce has very few syns and are a good, quick go-to for an easy lunch or snack.

    Syns: Between 2 and 2.5 syns per packet

    23. Butternut squash

    Butter squash is syn-free and is used in many of the popular soup recipes from Slimming World. It’s famously packed with vitamins and minerals, along with antioxidants. It’s low-calorie and fibre-rich too, which means you can be sure you’re getting everything you need from this winter veg.

    Syns: Free

    24. Halo ice cream

    Since Halo top hit supermarket shelves in the UK, it’s been a real hit with anyone attempting to diet. There are just 280 calories in a whole tub of the chocolate flavour or 320 in the cookies and cream flavour. As well as being delicious, Halo Top is low in syns.

    Syns: 3 to 4 per tub

    Halo Top ice creams

    Credit: Halo Top

    25. OXO cubes

    OXO cubes are healthy ways to add real bursts of flavour to your food. Turn them into stock for soups or add leftover vegetables from your healthy roast dinner and make gravy. Whatever you do, they’re completely free of syns so you can move forward with your Slimming World plan guilt-free.

    Syns: Free

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