Snickers are changing their name back to Marathon for THIS special reason


Whether or not you know them as Marathon or Snickers bars, there’s no denying the nutty chocolate treat is a favourite among chocoholics.

Up until July 1990, Snickers bars were sold as Marathon bars across the UK and Ireland. But they decided to switch to the new name since that’s what it was called across the rest of the world.

But if you need a dose of nostalgia, limited edition retro Marathon bars will be on sale across Morrisons stores for the next three months to celebrate Mars’ 85th birthday.

Mars brand director Gemma Buggins told the Mail on Sunday: ‘Bringing the Marathon bar branding back for a limited time really was a no-brainer.

‘It's a great way to celebrate more than 85 years of Mars making chocolate in the UK and we hope this serves as a wonderful treat for fans of Snickers who remember when it was called Marathon.’

Snickers have global sales of £1.6 billion a year, so they’re clearly one of the world’s favourite and most recognisable chocolate bar. But for Morrisons shoppers, they’ll be switching back to Marathon for a limited time.

They’ll be available in packs of four for just £1, making each bar just 25p each. This is close to the original price in the 1990s where bars were sold for 24p each.

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Fans seem very happy about the name change, with one Twitter user claiming they’d ‘never’ call the bar by any other name.

They wrote: 'Noticed these in Morrisons yesterday. Always knew they'd bring back the old name. I'll never call them Snickers. Never.'

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Another shared a photo of the pack, joking that a friend made them ‘feel old’.

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They wrote 'Yet another moment of feeling old this week. I was in the supermarket with a younger friend, when I picked up a 4 pack of Marathon bars and the friend asked what the hell a Marathon bar is.'

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