Terry’s Chocolate Orange mini eggs have arrived at Tesco – and they’re just £1 a bag!


Now Christmas is over, you might be feeling blue knowing that Terry’s Chocolate Orange is disappearing from our shelves for another year.

But don’t panic, because Terry’s Chocolate Orange is now available in a new form, and we can see it being a real hit once Easter rolls around.

Available exclusively at Tesco, Terry’s Chocolate Orange mini eggs are the chocolate mash-up we’ve all been waiting for. With an orange crispy shell and chocolate orange filling, they’re sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

A bag of the mini eggs were shared on the New Foods UK Instagram account, with a caption that read, ‘New Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs from @tescofood 😍’

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The post racked up over 7,000 likes from excited customers who were eager to try the new product. Many people tagged their friends to let them know about the exciting news.

One wrote, ‘what dreams are made of 😍’.

Another added, ‘these sound amazing! 😍’

A third said, ‘I need 100 bags right now!’

And a fourth wrote, ‘we must try these 😍😍❤️’.

Tesco confirmed the exciting news on Twitter, asking followers to decide whether or not it was too early to sell the Terry's Chocolate Orange treats.

They wrote, ‘Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs are only at Tesco! But are they just for Easter? Like for 'too soon' and RT for 'never too soon'.

Some people felt like it was too early for Easter chocolate, as they’ve been in stores since January. One follower wrote, ‘It was the 2nd January, way too early’.

And another added, ‘Christmas has just finished and you're already stocking Easter stuff?!’

But if you’re keen to get your hands on them, they’ll be available at a Tesco near you. We’re not quite sure how long they’re in store for, but it definitely sounds like they’ll be around for Easter!

Unfortunately they’re not available online though, so you’ll have to head out into the cold to grab some. We’re sure it’ll be worth it though.

Lucy Buglass
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