This ice cream takes the longest to melt in a heatwave – it will help stop kids from having a meltdown

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  • The ice cream that lasts the longest in a heatwave has been revealed - and it's will help stop kids from having a meltdown.

    The ice cream that lasts the longest in a heatwave has been announced as Magnum – not only will it reduce sticky fingers but it will help stop kids from having a meltdown.

    It comes after the best and worst low-calorie ice lollies and ice creams for your diet, were revealed.

    There’s nothing worse than buying your children an ice cream on a hot summer’s day, only to see seconds later that the ice cream is now a puddly mess on the floor, leaving them with sticky fingers and sad faces.

    But while the latest experiment to find the longest-lasting ice cream in a heatwave won’t stop meltdowns completely, it will help you pick the right one if you want them to enjoy it for longer with staycations looking set to take the place of holidays in 2021.

    Keeping cool and reducing the risk of heat stroke and exhaustion is key, and what better to chill out than eating a tasty lolly. Parkdean Resorts have taken on the summer melt challenge, to find out how long it takes the UK’s favourite ice lollies to melt in the heat.

    And the results are in…

    Which ice cream lasts the longest in a heatwave?

    If you or your children are slow eaters then you’d better take note of these as ones to avoid indulging in a heatwave – well, avoiding might not happen, but at least you’ll know which you’ll need to get the wet wipes out for or try and persuade them to choose a different lolly.

    First to melt was the simple Ice Pop, lasting just 29 minutes shortly followed by the Fab, which lasted 37 minutes. The Magnum took the crown as the longest-lasting lolly with an impressive melt time of 60 minutes. Just shortly behind the Magnum is the British favourite, a classic Cornetto, lasting 54 minutes.

    1 Magnum 60
    2 Cornetto 54
    3 Rowntrees Watermelon 50
    4 Twister 45
    5 Fruit Pastilles 41
    6 Fab 37
    7 Ice Pop 29

    The winners and losers also matched up to the UK’s top picks for frozen treats, and here’s how the UK’s favourite ice lollies and ice cream flavours stack up.

    The UK’s number one favourite ice lolly is the Zzapp Ice Lolly! In second place is the much-loved Fab lolly, which lasted a modest 37 minutes before melting into the sand! The UK’s third favourite lolly is the Twister, a pineapple, lime and strawberry beauty that stood up to the heat for 45 minutes.

    Parkdean Resort top 10 ice lollies

    What is the UK’s favourite ice cream?

    When it comes to ice cream flavours, of course, everyone has their own favourite which will keep your Amazon ice cream maker working non-stop, but surprisingly it’s vanilla and Neapolitan that have taken the top two spots – despite there being dozens of tasty flavours to choose from.

    But with the UK’s fourth favourite flavour now being pistachio, tastebuds could have just got more adventurous. Meanwhile, health-conscious Brits clearly still enjoy an icy treat too with low-calorie lemon sorbet and frozen yoghurt ranking as the UK’s 7th and 8th most searched for frozen delights.

    Parkdean Resorts top 10 ice cream

    In the US, the three top flavours match up with the UK’s faves but its fourth flavour is Moose Tracks – which is nicer than it sounds –  it’s essentially vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and fudge chunks.

    Hmmm…maybe it will catch on in the UK…

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