18 oddly shaped fruit and vegetables

The fruit and vegetables that we wish that we came across on our weekly shop!

Ah, nature - it's a wonderful thing.

Before pickers in supermarkets started choosing the most attractive veg to adorn their shelves, you'd be able to find a range of odd-shaped roots in your local Tesco or Sainsbury's - potatoes looking like hearts, radishes like running men and cuddling carrots.

Now, food standards have changed and supermarkets don't think weird, mutated vegetables will sell.

We disagree - who could resist these crazy-shaped vegetables?

1. Cuddling carrot family

Photo: Instagram/@uglyfruitandveg

All together now; ahhh! There's nothing to warm the heart like a cuddling carrot family, and here they are, snapshot ready, papa carrot cuddling the mama carrot with baby in his lap... adorable!

2. Pin-up sweet potato

Photo: Instagram/@uglyfruitandveg

This sweet potato has been turning heads, and we're not surprised. It looks like a shapely derrière, and you know what, we can't seem to take our eyes off it either!

3. Duck tomato

Picture: @WNEMTV5news

Yes, this tomato really does look like a duck, doesn't it? Proudly grown by Bob and Marie Davidek in Michingan, this tomato was so impressive, it even made it onto WMEN TV in America.

4. Evil pepper

Picture: Pinterest

We all expect to see a bit of an odd shape inside a pepper from time to time, but nothing as sinister as this one - it even has gnarly teeth made from the seeds! It would definitely have us running from our chopping board!

5. Cuddling carrots

Picture: Pinterest

Aaaah - how cute! These two carrots seem to be having a romantic time, with the smaller carrot's arms looped around the neck of the other. Carrot wedding, anyone?

6. Heart-shaped potato

Picture: Pinterest

This is a genuine potato we found in our bag of new spuds from Tesco. Unfortunately, it doesn't look quite so romantic if you turn it upside down!

7. Michelin man carrot

Picture: Pinterest

The Michelin man makes a great carrot - there's definitely plenty enough to go around the family! It even looks as though he's made of tyres.

8. Witch celeriac

Picture: Pinterest

We all know celeriac can look a little ugly and this particular aniseedy root is no different. We wouldn't expect to see an actual witch's face on our veg though. Maybe one for Halloween?

9. Carrot foot

Picture: Pinterest

This carrot hopefully doesn't taste like the foot next to it! Imagine how many people it would feed though. We hope it won a prize at a veg growing competition.

10. Marrow duck

Picture: Pinterest

Look at this duck-shaped marrow getting all comfy in the straw. It's the right colours for a duck too and looks like it's just been preening its feathers.

11. Fighting yellow courgette swans

Picture: Pinterest

These swans look like they're about to have a real battle. We wouldn't like to be stuck between them!

12. Potato teddy bar

Picture: Pinterest

This bear may not be as cuddly as a child's toy, but it looks just as cute. LOVE!

13. Mickey Mouse pumpkin

Picture: Disneyland Paris

Apparently, Disney has started growing Mickey Mouse-shaped pumpkins at Disneyland Paris. They were produced to adorn the theme park at Halloween in 2011.

14. Sweet potato bird

Picture: Pinterest

Tweet tweet. This sweet potato looks like a tropical bird with its pink and brown feathers.

15. Running Radish

Picture: Daily Mail

The radish has had a whole story written about its adventures, including the time it took its dog for a walk. AMAZING!

16. Face aubergine

Picture: Flickr

There are plenty of aubergine people pictures around the web, but this is our favourite with its slender nose.

17. Bunny rabbit tomato

Picture: Pinterest

This rabbit was just too sweet for us not in include in our roundup!

18. Tomato shaped male genitalia

Picture: Pinterest

A shopper was shocked to discover this fruity looking plum tomato at a market in Southwold. Well I never!