TikTok hanger trick for keeping your crisps fresh hailed as 'genius'

A mum has revealed how a simple clothes hanger can be used to stop salty snacks from going bad after they've been opened

TikTok hanger trick for keeping your crisps fresh hailed as 'genius'
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A TikTok hack for keeping snacks from going bad has gone viral after impressed foodies hailed the simple trick as 'genius'. 

Let's face it, there's nothing more annoying than reaching into a packet of leftover crisps and discovering they've lost their delectable crunch. 

After a few days, salty snacks that are left exposed will soften and go stale. This unfortunate process is caused by moisture in the air, which dampens the texture of fried foods and ultimately, zaps them of their delicious flavour. 

It's, therefore, crucial to transfer your favorite munchies to lunchboxes once you've opened them or keep them sealed in their bag with a secure clip. 

If you don't have a fastener lying around your kitchen, you might want to head to the bedroom. A TikTok clip has shown folks how the clips on clothes' hangers can be used to seal bags - and it's quickly gained traction. 


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In the video, mum-of-three Emily Norris explains how she uses the wardrobe staple to keep her snacks fresh with a simple demonstration. 

"If you get hangers like this when you do an online order but you don't really use them, I have a hack to repurpose them," the British-Canadian influencer begins. "All you have to do is pull the clips off the end like that and you can repurpose them as a bag clip on crisps, pretzels, and things like that." 

To prove her point, Emily shows how the clips effectively secure a packet of baked pretzels. 


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In the caption below, she adds, "I wanted to show you this simple way to repurpose hangers with clips. We have quite a few like this, but we store our trousers and shorts in drawers so this is another way you can use them." 

Fans of the Youtube star were quick to share their reaction to the hack, with many taking to the comment section to express approval. 

"That is a genius idea!" one person wrote, while another said, "Why didn’t I ever think of that!!!!!!! Thank you so much Emily!!!! ❤️❤️

The video also inspired others to share other nifty functions for hanger clips. 

"Great tip! Or use them to hang up diamond painting canvases," one clever user suggested. 

"That will be perfect for frozen peas they go everywhere in the freezer," another person commented. 

Emily's video is just one of many hack clips to circulate on the popular social media platform in recent months. Others include this TikTok mom's 'gamechanging' 1-minute hack for flying with toddlers, this colander hack that argues we've all been draining our pasta wrong, and this super cheap patio-cleaning hack

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