Walkers launch SIX new flavours of crisps to celebrate 70 years in the industry

Which flavour will you try first?

The crisp company is celebrating a big birthday this year and to mark the occasion they have six new flavours you'll want to try immediately!

Everyone has their favourite flavour of Walkers crisps. But whether you always nab the last pack of Salt & Vinegar or are the designated Prawn Cocktail eater, you're sure to be happy about the launch of six new flavours.

The limited edition packs have been launched to celebrate 70 years of the crisp company. Three flavours are not strictly new, as they have been launched before, however each pack represents a decade the company has been around.

As well as each flavour representing a decade, they also recreate some of Britain's favourite dishes.

For the 1950s you've got a classic Coronation Chicken flavour crisp, a dish that was famously first created for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation.

Other flavours include: Roast Lamb and Mint for the sixties; Cheese Fondue for the seventies; Chicken Tikka Masala for the eighties; BBQ Ribs for the nineties and Sweet Chilli for the noughties.

Will you try any of the new flavours?

Speaking about the launch, Rachel Holms, Senior Marketing Director at PepsiCo said: 'To have been a household name in homes up and down the country for the last 70 years is a remarkable achievement.

She continued: 'We would like to thank the British public for the support that they have shown us over the decades, and are proud to be the "nation's favourite crisp brand".'

After the news was announced, fans quickly started to share their thoughts on the flavours they'll be purchasing first.

One wrote: 'Omg the lamb and mint is back! I back best stock up!', while another wrote: 'Not that we need any more reasons to buys crisps!'

Although some people have shared their excitement over the new flavours and the return of some favourites, other fans suggested Walkers have simply repurposed their Sensations recipes for the classic crisps.

One person tweeted: 'Walkers launching new flavours - half of them are their Sensation flavours... so a bit of cheeky repurposing I think?'

Another said: 'These are not exactly new flavours.'

The crisps will hit stores on Sunday 18 March so you'll be able to decide for yourself how different these flavours really are. New or not, we're still excited to try them all...

Which flavour will you be trying first? Let us know in the comments box below!


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