‘Another very successful #whoopsieaisle shop’ Bargain hunter reveals how she got £60 food shop for just £2.55!

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  • A woman from Cardiff has shared a video of her reduced to clear food shopping haul in which she bagged £60 worth of shopping for just £2.55.

    Bargain hunter Lisa Parry, who tweets as @splodge73, shared a video of her ASDA reduced to clear shop, with the caption: ‘Another very successful #whoopsieaisle shop today. This little lot cost £2.55 ranges between 2p and 20p @MartinSLewis #moneysaving.’

    Except ‘this little lot’ is an impressive food shop, including sausages for 10p, burgers for 20p, quiche Lorraine for 10p and a coq au vin ready meal for 20p.

    Lisa managed to buy fresh plaice and salmon in four portions for 10-20p, fishcakes for 10p and a range of Pukka pies which cost between 5p and 15p.

    The savvy shopper also snapped up salads and stir fries from 2p to 10p, vegetable balti and noodles for 10p each and as a ‘treat’, two chocolate choux buns for 10p.

    In all, Lisa worked out that the true value of the shop was £60 – making a seriously impressive saving of £57.45.

    Even Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis was impressed by Lisa’s bargain haul, retweeting the video to his own social media followers.

    Lisa is a seasoned bargain hunter, who reckons her so-called whoopsie aisle shops, from the reduced to clear section, are saving her a fortune every week.

    It’s not the first #whoopsieaisle video she has shared. A similar supermarket sweep last month saw her bag another round of bargains for just £1.87, including 42 eggs for 14p – and she was even able to fill up her freezer.

    Sharing her tips on the best time to shop the bargain aisles, Lisa replied to one Twitter user: ‘You need to check with your local supermarket as they do vary. Food gets reduced gradually throughout the day. So later is better.’

    To find the best deals, Lisa shops at around 8-9pm on weekdays and 30 minutes to an hour before closing at weekends.

    One Twitter user commented: ‘Wow that’s impressive… Move aside Martin!’