The BEST Halloween treats from Poundland to buy this year before they sell out!

The kids are going to love these fun (and cheap!) ideas...

Sometimes you've just got to embrace fluro coloured fun, and one of those times is Halloween!

Whether you're throwing a kids' party for all your child's friends or you want to just mark the occasion with a little family fun then you'll be pleased to know we've taken all the hard work out of the planning.

Our mummy blogger, Sarah Barnes, has been busy picking up all the best Halloween bits in Poundland to show how you can get in the holiday spirit from just £1. She's picked up some really lovely bits (that nobody would be able to tell only cost you £1!) and has suggestions for everything you'll need - from sweets and table decorations to the kids' fancy dress.

Here are her favourite Poundland Halloween treats...

Fancy dress

First up Sarah picked up some fun bits to get the kids looking scary(er). One of her top picks was a red and green make-up kit to help those little cherub-like faces transform into ghouls or witches, and this comes with a set of glow in the dark teeth too. If you prefer to keep things classic when it comes to Halloween then there's also a black and white make-up kit for creating those skeleton faces, which includes a sponge. Last in the fancy dress haul Sarah picks up some green and purple hair spray to give her daughter Harriet a bit of a makeover, because apparently she's been asking for different coloured hair for a while now!

If your playroom is anything like our ones then it'll be falling down with things so if you don't want to buy more big, expensive toys then a few little goodies from Poundland could be a handy compromise. Sarah picked up some really fun projector torches which shine shapes onto the walls and which she said the kids loved last year.

Trick or treater sweets

If you're expecting trick or treaters at your door this year then you're going to need some goodies to give them. Sarah picked up a big bowl to stash all her goodies in as well as some glow in the dark pops, spooky chocolate lollies, some chewy Maoam bars and a few jelly eyeballs which Sarah says "look a little bit crazy" but assures us the kids will love them.

Party decorations

For her Halloween party Sarah picked up some Halloween tealights for a safe alternative to candles around kids. For the table she grabbed 20 black and green paper straws with fun Halloween characters on them and a spooky cupcake stand which Sarah says will "make a really nice table centrepiece for Halloween".

House decorations

It wouldn't be Halloween without a few spider webs now, would it? The ones Sarah found in Poundland have spiders attached for added authenticity and one of them is even glow in the dark, because as Sarah puts it "you can never have enough spiderwebs on Halloween, can you?". No is the answer. Next up is a glittery Happy Halloween banner, some scary face balloons and some plastic creepy crawlies. 

Trick or treating bags

She also picked up some fun bags for her twins Harriet and George to collect their treat or treating haul in. Sarah says they're "quite nice little felt bags" and with a couple of colours and designs you're sure to be able to fine one to suit the veer important costume.

Table decorations

For her party table Sarah picked up a 20 pack of paper plates and matching napkins. Sarah says that it notes on the packaging that there are cups and bowls available too, but she couldn't get them in her local store - they must be popular! Lastly she picked up some Halloween crackers, naturally. These black and green favours contain all sorts of spooky plastic toys in the shape of many a gruesome thing which Sarah says is "just what you want over supper!".SaveSave

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