How to grate the perfect chocolate shavings

Watch this nifty little food hack to help you grate perfect chocolate shavings in seconds

Potato peelers aren’t just for peeling potatoes you know - you can grate chocolate with them too. Whether it’s small chunks or long curls, use your potato peeler to grate chocolate using this simple and easy method.

Watch our nifty food hack video to see how you can try this simple method at home. All you’ll need is your favourite bar of chocolate (dark chocolate works best, but you could try milk or white instead), a potato peeler and something to grate your chocolate onto. We love them over ice cream, hot chocolate, cupcakes, biscuits and cake. 

There’s no need to go out of your way to buy a mini grater from the shop when you can use the potato peeler sitting in your cupboard. Make sure it’s nice and clean before you use it. 

Press your potato peeler firmly onto your bar of chocolate and slide it downwards or away from you. Make sure you don’t press too hard otherwise you’ll break the chocolate. Watch as the grated chocolate snows down onto your ready-and-waiting ice cream. 

Jessica Dady
Food Editor

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