How to make cheat’s ice cream - with just three ingredients

Watch our video on how to make Malteser ice cream lollies - you won't believe how easy it is...

Watch how to make cheat’s ice cream using just three ingredients in this food hack that’s so simple you’ll be making it all summer long.

Forget making your own ice cream from scratch, with all that churning and faff. Who even has an ice cream maker anyway?! This food hack is the easiest way to make your own cheat’s ice cream. 

  • Take 300g plain Greek yogurt and crush 100g Maltesers.
  • Add a good squeeze of honey and mix.
  • Divide the mixture into ice cream lolly moulds
  • Freeze overnight (or for at least a few hours if you can’t wait that long)

The frozen yogurt pops look and taste just like ice cream. No one will know the difference - especially youngsters, making it a much healthier option for them.

Want to make healthier treats? Swap the Maltesers for handfuls of berries. Don’t have honey in the cupboard? It’s optional, so you can leave it out, or try a little fruit puree instead. Don’t buy plain yogurt? Try it with a flavoured yogurt instead.

When you’re ready to eat the cheat’s ice cream, run warm water over the base of the lolly moulds so that they will pop out more easily. Then tuck in and enjoy! The kids are going to seriously love these ice pops.

Jessica Dady
Senior Content Editor

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