Food hack: How to make mini chocolate bowls

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  • The kids are seriously going to love these mini chocolate bowls, especially if they’re filled with ice cream! These mini chocolate bowls are super easy to make using balloons, white chocolate and plenty of sprinkles.

    Roll up your sleeves! It’s time to get making with this nifty food hack. These mini chocolate bowls would be perfect for kids’ parties when it comes to serving jelly and ice cream. Watch your little ones’ faces light up as they delve into this sweet treat.

    All you need to make these tasty little bowls is some balloons (cleaned with a piece of damp kitchen towel), white chocolate (or you could try dark chocolate or milk chocolate instead) and plenty of sprinkles. Grab a couple of large mixing bowls. Melt the chocolate in one bowl and pour your chosen sprinkles into another bowl.

    Blow up your cleaned balloons – we went for three puffs of air for small balloons but if you’d like to make big bowls, blow them up a little more. Dip the clean balloon into the chocolate and roll around.

    Then dip the balloon into the sprinkles and roll around some more.

    Pop onto greaseproof paper on a board and pop into the fridge to set. We’d say leave them for a least an hour – more time would be better though!

    Carefully take them out of the fridge and pop the balloons with a sharp knife.

    Your bowls are now ready to be served and filled with ice cream, brownies, cake, cookies or whatever sweet treat you fancy.