How to peel ginger in seconds - without any waste

In just a few seconds, you'll have a perfectly peeled piece of ginger with little waste

You'll  have a perfectly peeled piece of ginger ready in seconds with this handy hack - all you need is a spoon. 

If you’ve ever cut yourself peeling ginger with a knife, or have found you’ve cut off more ginger than peel, you’re not the only one. Swap that knife for a spoon instead and watch how much easier it is to get peeling. They’ll be no more sore fingers and you’ll get every piece of peel off without any waste.

Face the spoon towards your body and grate towards you. Slowly but surely, the skin of the ginger will begin to peel off – just like magic. Keep going until you’ve got a fresh piece of ginger with no waste.

It really doesn’t take long to perfect this hack and once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be sharing your epic tip with friends and family.

Jessica Dady
Jessica Dady

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