Emoji poop cupcakes
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These emoji poop cupcakes are ready in just five simple steps. A swirl of chocolate buttercream and some fondant eyes, really transforms this cupcake recipe.

Emojis are slowly but surely taking over the world by storm. We're all obsessed - so much in fact that you can now make edible emoji icons. We've tried our hand at emoji pancakes but emoji cupcakes are certainly next on the list.


Emoji cupcakes: Step 1

Emoji cupcakes

Roll out the white and black fondants on a lightly dusted work surface 
to 3mm thickness, preferably using spacers to ensure an even thickness.

Using small oval and round cutters, cut out 24 eyes and 12 mouths from white fondant, then 24 pupils from black fondant.

Emoji cupcakes: Step 2

Emoji cupcakes

Using edible glue, stick the black pupils centrally on top of the white eyes. Once you have cut out your fondant shapes, leave them to dry for 2–3 hours so they are easier to handle.

Emoji cupcakes: Step 3

Emoji cupcakes

Fit a large open nozzle in a 
piping bag and fill with chocolate buttercream. Before serving, pipe buttercream swirls on each cupcake.

Emoji cupcakes: Step 4

Emoji cupcakes

When piping, use smooth circular motions and lift off the nozzle upwards as you complete the swirl. This ensures perky poops.

Emoji cupcakes: Step 5

Emoji poop cupcakes

(Image credit: Future)

Carefully position two eyes 
and one mouth on each cupcake, pressing the fondant features gently into the buttercream piping.

This recipe is part of the cookbook; Cakemoji by Jenni Powell (Quadrille) Photography: Rita Platts


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