How to make pizza sauce

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  • Here’s how to make pizza sauce from none other than the head chef from famous London pizzeria Franco Manca. This incredibly simple recipe allows the ingredients shine through – which are just tinned tomatoes and salt. Because of this recipe’s simplicity the quality of the tomatoes is key. Really beautiful Italian tomatoes, ripened in the sun, will give you a sweet, rich base for all your favourite pizza toppings. To their organic tomatoes Franco Manca add just a little salt before crushing everything together with a potato masher, to give a delicious chunky sauce. Rafa, their head chef, explains that you want to have a little bit of texture through the tomatoes, so that while you’re eating the pizza you get little explosions of that tomato taste. Some pizza sauces use herbs like basil or oregano, but here those aromatics are left until the pizza is cooked – which is when you can add any garnishes you like. This pizza sauce makes enough for twenty pizzas, which means you can make this simple sauce ahead of time and use it again and again for delicious freshly made pizzas. You could even portion this quick pizza sauce and freeze it in individual servings. Once you’ve mastered a pizza sauce the next part is deciding what you want to put on the top of it! We love a classic ham and mushroom combo or a spicy chorizo and roasted pepper pairing. Whatever you choose to top your pizzas with, one thing is for sure – this pizza sauce will give you the best possible basis to build on.


    600g tinned tomatoes
    5g salt