Iceland is bringing back its SELL-OUT mini Vienna ice creams


mini viennas

Just as the weather is warming up, Iceland has some news that are music to our ears - their mini Vienna ice creams are back!

When the sun comes out and all you want to do is go sit in a park, what else is missing to make it the perfect day? An ice cream, of course!

And if you're watching your weight or simply fancy a delicious treat that's not too high in calories, then Iceland has the perfect answer for you - they're bringing back their sell-out mini Vienna ice creams!

The product was a success when it was first launched in April last year, and now they're making a much awaited return to the retailer's freezers.

If you're a fan of the popular ice cream Viennetta, then the mini Viennas are ideal for when an entire block of ice cream is a bit too much - or even if you can't trust yourself to not eat it all in one go.

As well as being a lot smaller than the original Viennetta ice cream and only having 65 calories each, they also come on sticks, which makes it a lot easier to whip them out and enjoy as a snack anywhere, any time.

Iceland announced last year that were launching the mini ice creams with a post on Facebook, saying: 'Mini Viennas. On a stick. You can thank us later 😋'.

Customers were quick to praise the retailer after the launch, including many people who follow the Slimming World plan.

While vanilla ice cream lollies are just three syns, the strawberry flavoured mini Viennas can also be enjoyed as they're only four syns each, which meant they became a popular product among the Slimming World community.

One said: 'They are a really satisfying ice cream fix for a tiny syn value', while another gave their feedback saying: 'Oh wow! These are amazing!'

Iceland's mini Vienna ice creams come in packs of five, and are currently available from Iceland for just £1.50.

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Mariana Cerqueira
Lifestyle Editor

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