Calling all vino lovers! Marks & Spencer is launching a new wine that has HALF the calories


Marks & Spencer have launched a new low-calorie wine that has half the calories of normal vino.

If you love wine but aren't a fan of the extra calories, then high street favourite M&S might have made your life a lot simpler.

The supermarket announced they are launching a new wine that has half the calories of normal wine, so you can have a glass for as little as 50 calories.

While a glass of a standard white or red wine usually contains around 80 to 100 calories, Marks and Spencer's new low cal Sumika Sauvignon Blanc 2017 white wine - which is described as 'light, elegant and refreshing with flavours of elderflower, passionfruit and peach' - contains 50 calories per 100ml glass.

M&S' white wine is only 50 calories per glass

Their low cal red wine - the Sumika Shiraz 2016 - contains a total of 52 calories per 100ml glass, and is described as a wine with 'rounded and smooth with a hint of oak, this wine has mocha, blackberry and spice notes'.

And the best part? Even though most previous attempts at low calorie wine haven't been successful, wine critics have come out to say M&S' new products are a 'great step forward'.

M&S' red wine is 52 calories per glass

Wine critic Jilly Goolden told The Sun: 'This is a breakthrough. So far low-alcohol and low-calories have been a great disappointment. Some are disgusting. But this is a great step forward.'

The reason behind the good quality of the South African wines is because its makers use a blend of superior wines that then go through a spinning technology to remove alcohol content, and have non-fermented grape juice added to it.

Other attempts at low alcohol wines usually use inexpensive wines for the base blend, to which they add sugar and not grape juice.

But while they be great in the calorie and flavour front, both wine contain less alcohol than their original counterparts.

With 8.5 per cent alcohol by volume, M&S' new low calorie contain about a third less alcohol than a standard bottle - a good reason to have two glasses instead of one?

You can get the new low calorie wines from M&S stores for the accessible price of £7.50 so see you at the checkouts. 🍷


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