Nadia and Kaye Disaster Chef recipes

You'll love their yummy (and simple) recipes...

Nadia and Kaye Disaster Chef recipes

Nadia and Kaye Disaster Chef is Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams' joint cookbook and we love their delicious and simple recipes!

The idea for the cookbook came from their hit YouTube series, where MasterChef-winner Nadia - who's unsurprisingly very good at cooking - often gets frustrated with her best friend Kaye's kitchen mishaps.

Speaking about the cookbook when they announced the launch, Nadia said: 'We're really excited, 'I'm going to be basically helping Kaye cook and the book is going to be very much along the lines of our whole social media presence.'

Kaye added: 'I do love food and there are a lot of people out there like me who struggle who are not natural cooks… Nadia is a natural cook so she’s going to teach me something and we’re going to get some easy recipes for all you fellow disaster chefs out there.'

Nadia and Kaye Disaster Chef recipes

Described as the 'foolproof cookbook for people who dread cooking', the book is filled with more than 80 quick and easy recipes that all come with the guarantee guarantee: 'If Kaye can cook it, you can cook it'.

They pair also promise that Nadia & Kaye Disaster Chef is for the 'culinary-challenged who want to be able to dish up delicious grub fast and with no hassle.

With hilarious commentary from the two TV presenters throughout the recipes, it's easy to feel they're in the kitchen with you while you're whipping up their recipes.

Gin and Tonic Cake

One of our favourites from the book is the incredible gin and tonic cake. This lemony bake is the perfect treat for afternoon with friend out in the garden, especially if you make a few G&Ts to go with it.

Nadia Kaye Disaster Chef Pretend Paella

You can also find an easier version of the Spanish classic Paella, which they aptly named Pretend Paella and is ready in just 30 mins - can you believe it?!

For dessert, Nadia and Kaye Disaster Chef recipes also include a lovely Pavlova, with a soft, marshmallowy middle and topped with plenty of fresh fruit - the ideal summer dessert!

When is Nadia and Kaye Disaster Chef cookbook available?

Nadia and Kaye Disaster Chef cookbook is available to buy now.

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