Nando’s admit they have been using McCain chips in their meals

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  • Recreating Nando’s at home just got a whole lot easier after the chicken chain admitted to using a popular brand of frozen chips.

    Who honestly prefers mash to chips with their chicken pitta at Nando’s? Well it turns out that everyone’s favourite side isn’t a Nando’s in-house creation at all, but in fact a portion of McCain frozen chips!

    Yes, that’s right, you might already have one of the crucial ingredients to a Nando’s meal in your freezer at home.

    One cheeky employee of the chain made the admission in an interview with Leicester Mercury.

    The paper revealed online: ‘The chips served at Nando’s are actually supplied by McCain – so you could recreate part of the Nando’s experience at home quite easily if you wanted to.’ Chicken and chips for dinner anyone?

    A spokesperson for Nando’s then confirmed the revelation to Metro. They said: ‘As per standard industry practice, some of our non-meat items are delivered frozen, such as our hugely popular chips which we developed in partnership with McCain and are exclusive to Nando’s.’

    So the frozen McCain’s chips at Nando’s are exclusive to the chicken chain but how different can the regular frozen chips found in most supermarkets really be?

    Nando’s admitted to using frozen McCain chips

    People on social media appeared to be split by the news. While some weren’t surprised, others were disappointed and confessed they felt like they’d been cheated by the restaurant chain.

    One person tweeted: ‘Nando’s is just overpriced chicken and chips & is the stalest take in the world but it’s UHHH true.’

    Another added: ‘Nando’s admitting to using McCain chips is the revelation of the year so far.’

    The chips are not the only item on the menu that comes in frozen. In fact, the macho pea side dish arrives at the restaurant frozen and is thawed out in portions at the beginning of the day.

    Other frozen items include the pitta bread, cake and veggie burgers.

    The standard Nando’s fries aren’t the only chips causing a stir. The chicken restaurant has also announced the launch of Halloumi fries on its menu.

    This news received a much more positive reaction from the chain’s fans with several saying they could not wait to go down and try the cheese fries.